Dichroic Glass Earrings

Anyone who is into artsy jewelry will absolutely fall in love with dichroic glass earrings. Originally developed for the aerospace program, dichroic glass was quickly ‘discovered’ by jewelry artisans and literally caught fire as a trend for fashioning some of the most unusual yet beautiful pieces of jewelry. Overall dichroic glass is not really expensive, yet some pieces can be costly when fashioned by big name, high end designers. This particular style is sought after for amazing depth and play in colors as they move about, catching light from various angles. Earrings can be found in a wide array of styles from delicately feminine to ultra modern statement pieces.

Dichroic Glass Dangle Earrings
Most often dichroic glass dangle earrings are fashioned with French hooks that are hypoallergenic, gold, silver or niobium filled. Each pair will be different because of the process used for coating the glass with micro-thin layers of quartz and metal oxides in what is known as a dielectric interference filter. It might sound overly scientific, but this simply means that the coating is such that it does not absorb light rays in the normal way to reflect color back outwards, rather the layers will be unevenly distributed which allows a different portion of the light spectrum to be absorbed by the glass underneath thereby reflecting and refracting those colors giving dichroic glass some amazing visual effects. Dichroic glass dangle earrings are perhaps the best type to wear as they will allow colors to dance about as the earrings dangle, catching light rays from different angles.

Fused Dichroic Glass Earrings

One of the most popular variations of dichroic glass is a process that fuses shapes, patterns and artwork to the glass in several steps in a kiln. Popular styles include the Tree of Life which is fused in the final processes when finishing the glass. Often you can find landscapes, flowers, fauna, fairies, and other designs or shapes as well as some marvelous abstract patterns fused onto the glass. This type of fused dichroic glass works well with both studs and dangling earrings, depending on the artist’s ‘vision’ and the way the colors are meant to play when struck by light. Most often landscapes as well as other artwork will work best on studs because there won’t be as much color play necessary to appreciate the full beauty of the artistry.

Dichroic Glass Pendant and Earrings Sets

Many contemporary artisans have a selection of dichroic glass pendant and earring sets that are both unusual and fashionable. Some of these sets are quickly becoming collectors’ items and will probably be the ‘Bakelite” jewelry of the 21st century. The difference obviously being that dichroic glass will probably not become obsolete as Bakelite did, simply because of the properties inherent in the glass and its many uses outside the jewelry realm. Whether you prefer gold or sterling silver, it is possible to find extraordinary dichroic glass sets at reasonable prices. Actually, because of the craftsmanship and artistry involved, dichroic glass earrings are quite inexpensive, all things considered!

There are some amazing statement pieces crafted from dichroic glass, and you are likely to find large, bold dangle earrings that were designed for just this style. While it is possible to find smaller, more delicate earrings, you will most often find larger dangles made from dichroic glass or fused dichroic glass. One thing is for certain when shopping for dichroic glass – no two pairs will ever be exactly alike because the play of colors is dependent on the variable thicknesses of the outer layers. Dichroic glass earrings are quite lovely and you are sure to be noticed when wearing them. The amazing colors that shimmer as you move will catch the eye of anyone and everyone nearby.

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