Dolphin Pendant

We see dolphin jewelry almost everywhere we look, and while they are trendy, there is some inner meaning that draws many people to dolphins. While they are of course the mascot of teams like the Miami Dolphins, the symbolism and meaning behind a dolphin pendant often goes far beyond a favorite American football team. While some people just like dolphins because they are ‘cute,’ others look for a dolphin pendant that speaks to them on some inner level. For whatever reason, dolphin pendants are extremely popular.

What People See in a Dolphin Pendant
It appears that every culture sees something peaceful, harmonious and gentle in a dolphin. In Christianity, a dolphin is symbolic of the resurrection and is depicted as such in both art as well as in jewelry. Ancient Greek society saw the dolphin as the being that carried souls of the departed off to the Blessed Islands. The ancient Celts held dolphins to be the ‘watchers of the water’ and as such, they were highly honored. A dolphin pendant often signifies transcendence, intelligence, playfulness, power, generosity and community. Whether or not you are looking for a dolphin pendant to signify any of those deeper, more metaphysical perceptions, it is still a popular and attractive piece of jewelry.

Designer Dolphin Pendant by Christian Riese Lassen

As an example of just how trendy a dolphin pendant is, even jewelry designers like Christian Riese Lassen have fashioned handcrafted pieces. His most popular is the Moonlit Dance Pendant Necklace that features two handcrafted dolphins up and out of the water, meeting in the upper portion as if about to kiss. The pendant forms a circle with the dolphins as the frame. In the center is a hand-set porcelain inlay with Christian Riese Lassen’s art of a dolphin jumping out of the water with the moon as a backdrop. Priced close to $100, this is sure to be a collector’s piece.

14kt Gold Dolphin Pendants
Another lovely pendant fashioned with two dolphins as the frame is a 14kt gold dolphin heart pendant. Just at the top, as if set between a kiss, is a tiny heart. Some of these pendants are crafted in yellow gold while some are in tricolored gold. Some of these pendants are referred to as dolphin heart pendants while others are called dolphin kissing pendants. Both names are appropriate as they form a heart and they do appear to be kissing. When seeking a gift for anyone to whom a dolphin is seen as a mystical creature, this would make a unique gift of love.

Dolphin and Double Dolphin Pendant

While there are a number of fashionable dolphin pendants, the most popular by far are the single or double dolphin pendants. Both are in the traditional “C” shaped position reminiscent of a dolphin rising out of the water, but there are many variations of this style. Some are crafted with diamond cut silver or gold while others are fashioned with polished yellow or white gold. Sometimes they have a small diamond or other gem as the eye, but plain or adorned they are both quite lovely.

If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves dolphins, there are a great number of lovely pieces to choose from. And the beauty is, you don’t need to stop with a dolphin pendant. You can find dolphin rings, brooches, bracelets, tummy rings, toe rings, earrings and even dolphin watches! Buy them one at a time for various gifts throughout the year or purchase a matching set. But at the very least, start with a dolphin pendant that speaks to your soul.

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