Double Strand Pearl Necklaces

Although there is nothing quite as elegant as a double strand pearl necklace, there is also something even more alluring than the pearls themselves. There isn’t another gem in history that has taken on as much symbolism across so very many cultures as the pearl and in every legend surrounding the pearl it is seen as something priceless, powerful and a ‘gift from above.’

Whether you wear a double strand pearl necklace as a choker that gently rings your neck with a lovely filigree gold clasp in the back, or a long double strand pearl necklace with two varying length strands, you know that there is something quite meaningful behind those organic gems formed naturally from a single grain of sand.

When you consider that this lovely gem you are wearing is the result of an irritant, it is no wonder that pearls are the traditional present offered as a first anniversary gift. They say that nothing is more difficult than the first year of marriage and if you can get through that, you can take whatever life throws in your direction. Little things irritate you, but after time those irritations give way to a better understanding of what it is you so love about the other person you have chosen to spend your life with.

A double strand pearl necklace isn’t something you would wear to the office our out to a club, especially if the pearls are all symmetrical and natural. It would rather be something sophisticated and graceful that you would wear for a night at the opera or to compliment a lovely bridal gown. Pearls are classified according to their size, symmetry, color and whether or not they are freshwater, ocean or cultured pearls. Tiny natural pearls, although not generally fashioned into double strand necklaces are known as seed pearls, and often are used in between larger pearls to set them apart or to keep the price of the necklace more affordable.

As every gem has its own legends and folklore surrounding it, so too does the pearl. In the Bible, the pearl is referred to as a priceless gem and when something is valued, it is referred to as a ‘pearl of great price.’ The ancient Chinese legend has it that when dragons fight, pearls are rained down from the heavens; and Greek folklore tells of pearls promoting marital bliss, especially during that first ‘irritating’ year.

Traditionally, double strand pearl necklaces are made from white, champagne and even pink, gray or black pearls. However, chocolate (brown) pearls are trendy at the moment so double strand chocolate pearl necklaces can also be found quite easily online. Most often chocolate pearl necklaces are chokers that gracefully hug the neck, and they may often have a tiny chain hanging from the clasp.

Perfectly symmetrical natural pearls tend to be quite costly, so double strand pearl necklaces are often made with either baroque pearls that are irregular shapes or cultured pearls (stimulated by adding an irritant to the mollusk). Although the price of the necklace is dependent on the quality and number of the pearls it is fashioned with, any pearl necklace is truly lovely and a piece of jewelry any woman would treasure.

Giving a pearl necklace as a first anniversary gift, or as a birthday gift for that special someone born in the month of June would be the perfect present when given in love. Just as pearls signify a gift beyond value, giving pearls to someone you love speaks of how priceless you consider their love to be. A double strand pearl necklace can be affordable to quite costly, but it is always going to be ‘a pearl of great price’ in the eyes of the one who loves you.

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