Dragonfly Pendant Necklace

One of the most popular insects is the dragonfly. Like the butterfly, the dragonfly has beautiful wings. Dragonfly wings are longer, more narrow and iridescent. They are delicate and shimmer with color in the light. It’s no wonder that the dragonfly pendant necklace can be found for sale from many stores and done in many styles. You’ll find many dragonfly pendants and necklaces are sterling silver. Sterling silver is a fantastic material for many jewelry items because it is beautiful, long-lasting and affordable. To be called sterling, an item must contain a minimum of 92.5 percent pure silver.

When looking at a piece of jewelry, there should be a 925 stamp on the item to designate it as sterling silver. While sterling silver does tarnish, it can be restored to its original beauty. You will find a wide range of dragonfly pendant choices on the market. Some are very simple and done in plain silver for a classic look. Others are done in silver with gemstone adornments, cut-outs or other embellishments. It is popular for the wings of the dragonfly to sparkle with gemstones, sometimes they are colored, sometimes you will find white stones like cubic zirconia, simulated diamond and various types of crystal like Swarovski.

The white sparkle of clear stones looks dazzling against silver and gives the jewelry item a coordinated look. However if you have a favorite colored gem or want to incorporate your birthstone you can find a dragonfly pendant that suits your taste. Some pieces feature wings that have one solid stone, while others feature many small stones. If you have decided that you don’t care for silver and would rather have gold, you can find a gold pendant however they are not as common as silver.

When shopping for a gold dragonfly pendant necklace one decision you’ll need to make is what karat of gold you prefer. 24 karat gold is pure gold, but is not everyone’s favorite. Other karats like 18 and 14 contain pure gold, but also contain other metal. These added metals give strength and durability to the jewelry. And, the lower the karat, the lower the price. 14k gold is very popular because it is beautiful, has a high percentage of pure gold, but is long-lasting and reasonable in price. You will most likely want to choose a chain on which to hang your pendant that is the same karat of gold.

The Internet is a great place to shop for a dragonfly pendant because you can look at a wide selection from many different stores. And, you can shop any time of the day or night. These are advantages you aren’t going to find at the jewelry store. As mentioned before, the most popular precious metal for this type of necklace is sterling silver. There are specialty stores that sell only silver jewelry, as well as many other stores where you can find pendants of all kinds. A dragonfly necklace makes a gorgeous addition to any jewelry collection or a great gift for anyone who finds this winged creature beautiful.

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