Elephant Necklace

Every now and again a certain fashion becomes trendy. However, any piece of jewelry fashioned with an elephant is always going to be in style because it carries a significant amount of meaning to many cultures around the world. Because of this, the elephant has become a symbol of ‘good luck’ and ‘favor.’ Even peoples who do not espouse the religious symbolism behind the elephant see it as a good luck token and thus, any elephant necklace is a prized possession.

Buddhist Tradition of the Elephant

The elephant is said to be one of the reincarnations of the Buddha and with this great privilege comes honor. An elephant is highly revered by those of Buddhist faith, so giving a gift of an elephant necklace means that you honor their friendship and value their wisdom. In fact, the elephant is so revered that it carries the sacred Tooth Relic of the Buddha during the annual Perhahera (procession) for the people to see and venerate. This has been tradition since the late 1700’s as established by King Kirthi Sri Rajasinghe and no other animal or human will ever bear the sacred Tooth Relic during this holy festival.

The Lucky Elephant Necklace
Many people from all cultures and walks of life proudly wear a lucky elephant necklace. They may be unaware of the rich history inherent in the elephant, but they know it to be a good luck charm. Probably the most symbolic lucky elephant necklaces are fashioned from either ivory or jade, and many of those are actually hand carved. Both ivory and jade are also viewed as holding positive energies, so an elephant necklace designed in either of those two materials are doubly ‘blessed.’

Famous Designers See the Value of an Elephant Necklace
While designers will always either follow a trend or work towards making their own mark on the industry, many famous jewelry designers see the intrinsic value in creating unique elephant jewelry. One of the most famous jewelry designers to fashion an 18k white gold/diamond elephant necklace is Roberto Coin of Italy. It has a 16” chain and the diamond are a total weight of .19 ct. This lovely necklace retails at approximately $1100, which shows how much the elephant is valued – not just as a trend, but as a symbol of something deeper. For an even more exquisite gold elephant necklace, check out the Chopard Diamond Elephant Pendant priced at $3200. Trendy, yet sophisticated, these elephant pendants are truly unique.

Elephants, Elephants and More Elephants
Virtually any jewelry manufacturer that has a decent line of jewelry will have at least one elephant necklace in their collection. You can find great pieces for reasonable prices that are crafted from sterling silver, and then as you have seen you can spend thousands of dollars on a necklace created by a famous top name designer. The bottom line is that a good quality sterling silver elephant necklace can run as little as $20 and will go up in price from there depending on the metal it is fashioned with and whether or not there are any precious or semi precious stones involved.

Whether you are looking for a lucky elephant necklace that is affordable, or a fashionable designer piece which could run thousands of dollars, you are sure to find just what you are looking for. They are carved from ivory or jade, made in platinum, gold, silver, stainless steel and a number of other materials, but you will have no difficulty finding the perfect elephant necklace. The hardest part is choosing which one you like best because they are all so adorable. Actually, find one at the right price and maybe you can buy two!

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