Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

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When choosing a diamond engagement ring, there are a variety of factors to consider. You may have heard about the four C’s — color, clarity, carat and cut. Each of these factors contribute to the unique beauty of each finished diamond. Here we will be discussing cut, emerald cut to be exact. This cut is rectangle shaped with gently slanted corners. Made to showcase the clarity of a diamond, emerald cut features rectangular step cut facets. When shopping for emerald cut diamond rings, it is a good idea to know more about the ratio of length to width. On average, a ratio of 1.35 is ideal for achieving a classic, sophisticated look.

As previously mentioned, the emerald cut is best reserved for diamonds with excellent clarity. Because of the way this shape is cut, it highlights even small imperfections in the stone. Clarity is a word used in the gemstone world to describe blemishes and interior imperfections called inclusions. An inclusion might be a crack in the stone, or even fragments of a totally different stone. Occasionally you can see diamond imperfections with the naked eye, although usually a jeweler must examine the stone under 10 times magnification to grade the clarity. One thing to note about clarity inclusions is that small ones that don’t affect the appearance of the diamond can be useful in verifying authenticity or even identifying the diamond if it is ever lost or stolen.

Emerald cut diamond rings are popular with the rich and famous because of their stunning beauty, especially when they are a larger carat weight with brilliant clarity and color. For example, Melania Trump and Nicole Richie both wear emerald cut diamond engagement rings. Perhaps the most famous of all celebrity emerald cut diamonds was the one presented to Elizabeth Taylor by the man who would become her third husband, Michael Todd. Taylor’s diamond was nearly 30 carats in weight. Even former First Lady Jackie Kennedy wore an emerald cut diamond.

The color of a diamond is also important when selecting an emerald cut stone. Color is graded on an alphabetic scale. Z is the lowest possible color grade, while D is the highest and is extremely rare. For an emerald cut stone, aim for D to J depending on your price range. Because this cut does highlight imperfections, you want a high color grade. Emerald cut diamond rings also highlight the most prevalent color of a diamond. Keep this in mind if you decide to go with a colored stone such as a pink diamond, canary yellow diamond or even a blue diamond. The shade will definitely be on display with such a dramatic and classic style cut.

If you are browsing emerald cut diamond rings, it is recommended to only look at those which are a half-carat or higher in carat weight. Anything smaller will not do an emerald cut stone justice. The larger the stone, the finer you want it to be. Large emerald cut gems are more likely to show flaws in color, clarity and cut. A one carat diamond is ideal for most women because it is large enough to display the beauty of the cut without being too small or too large. There is such a thing as a diamond that is too big, for the average person a huge stone can look gaudy and is more prone to theft. Regardless of the carat weight or color you choose, the emerald cut is a tasteful choice in any setting. Popular settings include platinum, white gold and yellow gold.

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  2. Dazzling and extravagant beauty. A platinum emerald cut diamond ring is really an amazing combination of elegance, brilliance and luxury.

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