Emerald Eternity Band

Of late, emerald eternity bands have become quite popular and this is not surprising at all. The emerald bands are unlike any other band or ring available because they aptly symbolize endless love and eternity. The act of giving someone an emerald eternity band means that your love for that particular someone is endlessly flowing. Moreover, it is an act of showing how much you treasure that special person and usually, it highlights that you are promising her or him that your feelings for them will never change irrespective of the ups and downs of the daily living. These bands are mostly given out as gifts when there are important occasions such as anniversaries, birth of a child, inimitable personal achievement and so forth. The band can also be given out when there is no such events, it all depends with the feelings the giver has for the given.

What really are emerald eternity bands, and which finger are they worn on?
Emerald eternity bands are worn on the left ring’s finger of your hand, in combination with other rings on the same finger, for instance, the engagement ring and the wedding ring. The order of the worn rings doesn’t matter. Emerald eternity band is a ring that comprises of emerald stones or sometimes diamonds incorporated or surrounding it. When buying emerald eternity bands, there are numerous choices a purchaser may select from. There are 2 types of bands being offered in the market currently; full emerald eternity bands  which have a complete  circle of gems around it and the half version that sport gems on one segment of the band, the latter usually cost less than their full sized counterparts.

Full emerald eternity bands are normally customized according to the wearer’s finger size and cannot be resized later, for example, when a wearer’s finger size changes. The reason for this is that the band has gems around it that can’t be interfered with after being customized. In addition, they are quite costly in comparison with their half version sister. Furthermore, most women prefer bands that have stones on the front as they are more visible. Nevertheless, a full eternity band ensures that the gems are always visible irrespective of the position of the ring.

The majority of elegant individuals opt for full emerald eternity rings, the reason being that they stand for the everlasting love that is shared with the loved person. With these bands, smaller stones are used when making them because if they are made bigger, they might dig into the skin rendering them uncomfortable to wear. In contrast, half eternity bands have gems only on front making them easier to make and comfy when worn.

Characteristics of emerald stones
Due to the numerous stones or gems in the eternity rings, the band tends to weigh more than any engagement rings, making them quite expensive. Most couples prefer bands that come with smaller stones in order to meet their personal budget constrictions. Emerald eternity band are quite unique in that, they can be worn in the same finger together either an engagement ring or a wedding band without seemingly looking out of place. Moreover, there is a popular belief that emeralds can drive out or pacify any pain brought about by severe ailments and at the same time, reducing the wearer’s mental stress. In fact, palmists recommend emerald bands for people suffering from a plethora of diseases such as heart, muscles, spine and lung diseases.

Where do emeralds come from?
Sparkling and dynamic, natural emeralds come out of the womb of mother earth in a continuum of yellow-green and blue-green colors. When these emeralds are embedded into a ring to create, for instance, an emerald eternity band, they create something that is sophisticated, stylish and becomes a symbol of trustworthiness in love. There are those that come out the earth bearing paler colors and were in the past considered not to have matured completely and were done away with. However nowadays, they are polished and sold cheaply in the majority of precious stone stores.

Soft, delicate and precious, an emerald stone possesses such a rare beauty that it can’t be compared to anything else the world over. In a nutshell, when an emerald eternity band is presented to a loved one, it normally means the recipient is quite valuable to the giver and the love that the giver has for the given is truly for eternity.

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