Family Crest Rings

Family Crest rings are the ultimate display of family pride and are treasured family heirlooms. Although many people have the idea that family crest rings are new to fashion, this simply is not the case. Family crest rings have been around since the tenth century and when our ancestors started off using what was commonly referred to as the family “Coat of Arms” in jewelry designs. This Coat of Arms was a unique way they had of identifying with a clan. The clan chief had a special wax seal depicting the Coat of Arms on it that was used as the family signature to identify his authority in the clan when it was stamped onto important documents. Often times these documents were legal documents that were written on parchment paper. The family crest rings were very significant pieces of jewelry and were worn by members of the upper class as a way to identify themselves as the lord of the manner. Lots of people like to wear family crest rings even today because they want to identify with their family’s past heritage. Family crest rings are seen as symbols of nobility in those countries where the noble class still exists even today. These rings instantly identify the wearer as being on a certain level in society in these countries.

Individuals who want their own family crest rings today will have them custom made with yellow or white gold or perhaps even sterling silver or platinum. There are also rings that have the family Coat of Arms on them that are used for wedding rings these days. These rings come in a variety of colors and designs. Some will have a hand or arm holding a weapon, a lion, a horse, a dragon, or an eagle’s or other types of bird’s wings on them. There may also be a number of other such symbols depicting the family crest. Each element in a family crest has a specific meaning and tells a story about the family’s clan members and their ancient noble deeds. They have intricately engraved details that have the ability to catch anyone’s eye. Some of these rings are enameled with vivid colors and precious stones to enhance their visual appeal.

When shopping for family crest rings you will find many selections where you can also have hand engraving on them. The engravings are typically on the face of the ring and usually closely resemble what was on the original family coat of arms was. Some companies will allow you to create your own design. These types of rings remain very popular for people with family origins from Europe and make fine gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations. The family crest ring can be passed on, creating a treasured family heirloom. They are very classy to wear, not to mention timeless as they still speak of nobility. Men in particular have an affinity for family crest rings despite the fact that most men have never really been big jewelry wearers. Any man who is proud of his family heritage and wants to flaunt his origins would be happy to receive a family crest ring as a gift.

If you are designing a family crest ring you will have the option to decide how the crest will be imprinted and jewelers will usually let you decide what you would like to put on the sides of the ring. You can use the internet to find websites that can provide the artwork for a family crest ring. If you are having one designed make sure you ask for a high resolution image of about 200dpi at least. Once you receive the design that you want imprinted on your ring you can decide how you want it embossed on the ring. You will have a wide variety of shapes to choose from with the most popular being cushion, square, oval, octagon, and round. The basic shape of your family crest will actually determine the shape of your ring. For more information try using your favorite search engine to find various designs and pictures of these types of rings before making your final decision.

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