Freshwater Pearl Rings

Freshwater pearls are harvested from mussels and come from fresh water sources. Natural pearls are created without the help from man in both fresh and salt water environments. They are known to be semi-precious stones and rare. This increases their value on the retail market and therefore considered to be out of reach for a lot of consumers.

The Japanese found that if they grafted tissue to certain types of mussels they could create cultured pearls that they could later harvest for jewelry making purposes. They were first successful in harvesting fresh water pearls in Lake Biwa. The Japanese have since 2006 only produced fresh water pearls on a limited basis. They were the first country to be successful in this endeavor.

An American, John Latendresse who was a Tennessean first became enamored with the natural pearls that divers were pulling out of the Tennessee River in the 1950’s. He then started importing pearls from Japan and China for resale in the United States. He founded The American Pearl Company in 1961. He later traveled to Japan and after much research and development decided to try his hand at fresh water cultured pearls here in the United States. After searching high and low, he found that a stretch of the Tennessee River was optimum for the endeavor.

The Latendresse’s set about making their company into something his children would later be proud of. They spent twenty years of research and development into finding ways to make pearls that were of different shapes and sizes. They were the first to have fresh water pearls that are shaped like triangles and rectangles to name a few.

The market for freshwater pearl jewelry has been steady throughout the years. Pearls are a timeless classic. Most brides as well as their mothers wear some type of pearls at a wedding ceremony. Pearl rings can be informal, dressed up with other stones such as cubic zirconium, or even diamonds to make the ring a timeless classic. These rings can be worn by young and old alike and will never go out of style which makes them coveted by most women today.

Antique fresh water pearl rings are in demand as well as those in new settings. Many women look for one of a kind settings and stones. Antique settings have character and that designer look that many mass produced jewelry pieces can not offer today. These factors make these jewelry pieces still in demand today.

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