Full Eternity Rings

Eternity rings have been gaining in popularity in recent years as a sign of endless love. Sometimes referred to as a dress wedding ring, an eternity ring is either set with stones all the way around (full eternity ring) or just halfway around the shank (half eternity ring). Of course a full eternity ring will most often cost more than a ring that is only set with stones halfway around, but this is also based on several other factors such as the type of metal used, the type and quality of stones and the size of the ring itself.

Full Eternity Ring vs. Half Eternity Ring
There are some advantages in both styles of eternity rings and it is basically a matter of preference and budget that will determine whether or not you want stones set all the way around the ring. As an example, a ladies size 7 ring set with diamonds all the way around would cost significantly less than one with half the amount, especially if the diamonds were flawless and of decent size. However, even if money isn’t an issue, there is something else that needs to be considered. A full eternity ring is without a doubt the more desirable and perhaps lovelier of the two but it will need to be made to size. Because the diamonds (or other stones) frame the entire circumference, a full eternity ring cannot be sized.

Best Settings for Full Eternity Rings
In an eternity ring the stones that go around the ring need to be smaller in size so that the ring can be worn comfortably. Also, the stones should be set in such a way that they lie almost flush with the band. The best settings for this type of ring would be pavé or Channel set stones. In a pavé setting the stones are set very, very closely together so that little, if any, metal shows through behind the stones. The attraction of a pavé setting is that the stones are set so closely together that they magnify the brilliance of each other. A Channel setting has the stones actually set into the metal itself so that there are no raised prongs to snag or catch on other rings or clothing. The stones are laid into the metal and held with a small overlapping lip which is actually the most secure setting as well. Either a pavé or a Channel setting would be ideal for a full eternity ring.

Variations Available for Full Eternity Rings
Most often eternity rings are set in gold, platinum or titanium, and while the typical precious stone used is a diamond which also signifies eternity or forever, other stones are often employed. Rubies, emeralds, sapphires and other precious stones can be used if they are of special significance such as marking the birth of children or the couples’ birthstones, anniversary months and other special occasions of note. Because a full eternity ring is usually made to order so that the fit is perfect, it is easy to customize which metals you prefer and if there are any alternate stones you would like used in the ring. Diamonds may be more traditional, but a full eternity ring is packed with meaning and symbolic stones are often preferred.

Eternity rings aren’t necessarily for married couples either! They can be a ring of promise for an eternal future together as well. It is true that they are most often used as a “dress wedding ring” that was given some years after the actual wedding ceremony, yet there is nothing to say they cannot signify other major life events as well. Diamonds are customary, as are gold and platinum, but even those features are optional if some other metal, precious or semi precious stone is more fitting. Any fine jeweler, local or online, would be able to help you choose the perfect ring that is meant to last for all eternity.

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