Garnet Gemstones

The garnet is the birthstone for January and has been long viewed as the choice for business owners who want to see their businesses succeed. Many believe that placing a garnet underneath a pillow will cure depression as well as other illnesses. Garnet gemstones are available in a range of colors, although deep red is the most popular and the most well-known. Other colors of garnets include white, yellow, orange and black. Red garnet has been said to have healing powers and for centuries was used to help in healing the spleen and thyroid. It aids in cleansing and purifying wounds and diseases and is held over injured or diseases areas on the body in many cultures today. Years ago, the garnet was selected as a stone for jewelry and today remains a very popular choice for a variety of jewelry pieces from rings and bracelets to earrings and necklaces.

The largest source of garnet comes from Africa. In 1996 however, a student in Australia found a garnet that is considered to be the largest single gemstone garnet found in the world. The stone measured almost one-hundred feet in width. Garnet gemstones are also found in the Soviet Union, India, Brazil and in select areas of the United States. Those who prefer the colors of autumn appreciate the beautiful rich color of the red garnet in jewelry. Garnets today are worked into a number of shapes and cuts providing the perfect complement to sterling silver, platinum and gold. When accompanied by diamonds and other gemstones, garnets provide a brilliant splash of color.

Garnets are chosen over other natural gemstones many times simply because of their natural beauty as well as the variety of colors and brilliance. Garnet gemstones have an amazing luster and many believe that they are the perfect choice for expression love and affection because of the beautiful dark red of the stone. Those born in January can find many jewelry pieces sporting their monthly birthstone set in a variety of precious metals. Choosing a garnet, a true garnet, takes some consideration. You want to be certain when purchasing jewelry with garnets that you are getting a true garnet in the piece.

You will need to first determine the type of garnet that you want to purchase. While most will think of the deep red stone when choosing a garnet, remember that other colors are also available. Garnets in red with brown or orange highlights make beautiful jewelry pieces. Those that have a more peach-looking appearance are very rare and a bit more expensive. However, if your budget can handle the cost, these are an excellent choice for jewelry pieces.

When choosing your garnet, remember the 4 C’s of gemstone shopping. Consider the cut, carat weight, cost and clarity of the stone that you want. Garnets are available in a wide variety of cuts and shapes and carat sizes typically run up to ten carats for each stone. Garnet gemstones of the highest quality will have excellent clarity, near perfect in fact. When choosing your garnet jewelry or loose gemstones, it may be best to shop at a jeweler that you know and trust. This is simply to dispel the fear of receiving a fake or less than perfect stone.

Garnets are not the most expensive gemstone in the world, but true garnets are in no way considered cheap. If you are paying for a true garnet then you should be certain that you are receiving a true garnet. If you are unsure of the size, cut or specific jewelry piece that you want but you know that you want a garnet, take the time to look online or at your local jewelry store to find a piece that you like. You should determine what you can afford with regards to your garnet jewelry and look at selections that fall within your price range. Remember that the larger the carat weight and the rarer the stone, the more expensive it will be. Set a price before you begin so that you will know your limits.

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