Garnet Cufflinks

Garnet is the birthstone of January and is considered to be one of the most versatile gemstones that you are likely to come across. They typically come in a wide array of colours from a deep red to tangerine, to orange and limegreen, to pale pink, and you will often find Garnets that are brown, gold or purple. It is believed that the name Garnet is derived from the word pomegranate as they generally have a deep red-purple colour that resembles the fruit. In fact, there are numerous forms of ancient jewelry that are studded with these beautiful tiny red gems that make them look like a cluster of pomegranate seeds.

Garnet is actually found in various countries around the world which include Africa, Australia, North America, South America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and south-east Asia. Garnets are also known to change colour when put under different spectrums of light. These gems have been mined for thousands of years, although many new deposits have come to life in recent years. Garnet’s typically come from a family of gems which include rhodolite, mandarin, almandine, grossular, hessonite and many others.

The most common type of Garnet is the almandine which is generally noted for its dark red to brownish red colour. However, rhodolite is, without doubt, one of the most popular varieties as their colour ranges from pink to purplish red. The rhodolite is typically mined in Africa, India and Sri Lanka. The most common types of Garnet, as mentioned, are almandine and also pyrope, and they are generally the least expensive. Some of the rarer forms of Garnet’s will cost several thousand dollars per carat. However, you will generally find that the brighter colours will demand a higher price.

One of the most popular uses of Garnet’s is as a gemstone in cufflinks. Cufflinks are typically designed for French cuffs or double cuffs which will then be folded back at the edges and sealed. One of the most popular types of Garnet cufflinks are the deep blood red Coffin cut Garnet that have been set in sterling silver. They will typically come in three carat Garnet’s and are also available in a wide variety of different coloured Garnets. Another fairly popular pair of cufflinks is the ones that have a large Garnet that has been set in 14 carat gold. The colour of the gemstone and precious metal perfectly complement each other and will give a stunning finish to any shirt.

If you wish to distinguish between the different types of Garnet cufflinks, there are certain aspects you should look out for. Initially you should always evaluate the colour and then their brilliance. Garnet stones are usually fairly cheap in comparison to other gemstones, although they are known to be extremely brilliant. A prime example of this is a demantoid Garnet which is known to sparkle even in extremely dim light. Spessarities are also known to have a brilliant sparkle to them and are generally orange or yellowish colour. You should also look for certain inclusions that will enable you to identify the specific type of Garnet. An example of this will be the demantoid Garnet which is known to have long and feathery inclusions that are most often referred to as horsetail inclusions. This type of inclusion will ensure that your stone is far brighter and also more valuable.

The price of Garnet cufflinks will very much depend on the size, cut and carats. An example of the different types of Garnet cufflinks include the key sterling silver variety which also encompass 14 carat gold. This will ensure that your cufflinks have a great deal of contrast, whereby you have the cool tones of sterling silver and the fiery image of Garnet and gold. These types of Garnet cufflinks will typically retail at approximately $250. Another extremely popular set is the “Star of the East” Garnet cufflinks. They are generally fashioned in silver that has a shining star that can best be described as oriental styling. They will set faceted garnets into a bold silver background, and these will typically retail at approximately $90. If you are in the market for something far more luxurious you may wish to consider the mandarin Garnet and yellow gold cufflinks. It is believed that currently only one pair of these cufflinks are in existence, and these rare gemstones will generally be set in 18 carat yellow gold. The mandarin Garnet stone originates from Nigeria and encompasses 15.13 carats. These cufflinks will weigh in excess of 3 grams and should you choose to purchase them, you are looking at a minimum price tag of $14,000.

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