Garnet Earrings

Garnet jewelry is a classic gift that suits women of all ages and garnet earrings are one of the most popular jewelry purchases in today’s jewelry market. If you already have a garnet necklace and bracelet you will most certainly want to get garnet earrings to complete your set. Garnet is the birthstone for January and is loved because of its gorgeous red color, but garnet also comes in other mineral color variations. Garnet is a mineral gemstone that has been in use for jewelry since the Bronze Age. This is an incredibly energizing gemstone which cleanses the chakras, giving passion or peacefulness when needed. Garnet is believed to inspire love and people who love jewels believe this particular gem to be an outstanding stone for times of crisis. This stone is also thought to be protective when worn while traveling and opens the heart and helps to make the individual wearing it more confident.

Garnett earrings are very popular and can be bought in various colors when it is in its mineral variations. There are actually six common species of garnet which include grossular garnet (or grossularite), rhodonite, almandine, hessonite, and spessatite (or spessartine) and tsavorite. In 1990 a rare blue garnet was discovered in Madagascar and if you are patient and shop around for it you can find blue garnet earrings for to complete your set. However, most people prefer garnet earrings in their most commonly recognized form which is the rich red color. Other colors of garnet earrings can range from brown and black, oranges, pink and even green and now this rare blue.

Red garnet is the most prevalent form of the gem which is widely available. Some manufacturers dye the garnets to further improve the actual tones of substandard specimens. These types should always be stored away from wet areas and strong sunlight which can affect the color. Good quality garnet earrings are relatively easy to find, so don’t hesitate to ask your jeweler concerning the treatment process if you really want the better ones. Most other varieties besides the red garnets are rarer and are normally more expensive than the red. However, an A grade red garnet in a gem cut designed for an earring setting can easily rival them all, both in color and expense.

Garnet earrings are truly quite attractive mainly because of their brilliant color. Stylish garnet earrings can be purchased as studs or dangling earring, plus the cuts of the stone can be in various shapes like round, heart, square, oblong, etc. The value of garnet earrings will also depend on the supporting metals and other stones that may also be used in the earring set, for example sterling silver or gold with diamonds. Garnet earrings can be custom made for you or you can buy them in their ready made form. Your own personal taste is what is important when it comes choosing your earrings. You can find all kinds of stores online that sell ready made garnet earrings as well as those that you can custom order.

Investing in the more expensive and rarer forms of garnet earrings will never be a bad investment either. All garnet jewelry items have had long history of being a wise investment. With excellent care, garnet earrings can outlive their owners and can be passed down with your estate. They are a good heirloom possession to have so investing in garnet earrings is absolutely always going to be a good choice for any woman who loves fine jewelry.

Unless you are a professional jeweler you will find it incredibly hard to tell authentic garnet earrings from fakes. As with shopping for all other authentic gemstones, it can certainly get confusing when shopping for garnet earrings. You’ll want to make certain you will get your money’s worth without being scammed and taken advantage of. Clarity and the cut of the stone are important issues when shopping for any garnet earring set. To help ensure are actually getting what you pay for and to prevent getting scammed, you might want to take some time and research precious gemstones as well as the jewelry outlets where you will be shopping for your new garnet earrings.

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