Garnet Pendant

Due to garnet’s deep red color, similar to that of a red ruby, it is very commonly found in a selection of two and three dimensional pendants. But garnet is not only found in a deep red color. Other, more rare colors exist, and are frequently found on high end jewelry. These include andradite, spessartine, and the basic pyrope (red) garnet.

Andradite can come in several different colors from green, yellow, orange, and black, and is mostly mined in Russia, however it has also been found along the Arizona and Mexico border. Perfect andradite gemstones are rare, and have significant jewelry value as accent pieces to other gemstones in the garnet family, or as standalone gems.

Spessartine is a very deep orange member of the garnet family. This particular garnet is mined all over the world, namely in Brazil, Africa, and in some parts of California. Mined spessartine is usually of very good jewelry quality, however the rarity of spessartine commands prices of upwards of $250 per carat for smaller size gemstones.

Pyrope is the classic “ruby red” garnet that most everyone knows. These are the most reasonably priced of all the garnets, however the price varies greatly with the deepness of the coloring. Deeper reds are considered more desirable and more valuable. This is the standard garnet for many birthstone pendants.

Two Dimensional Garnet Pendants
The natural red color of garnet contrasts nicely against a sterling silver or white gold setting, making it a preferred gemstone for bright two dimensional pendants. In two dimension pendants, garnet is used as an accent piece to color a shape created by the precious metal setting.

A very popular pendant is a two dimensional heart shaped garnet pendant. These are often comprised of several smaller garnet gemstones that outline a heart shape and may be filled in with either painted precious metals or other gemstones, including diamonds.

Three Dimensional Garnet Pendants
Three dimensional pendants have risen greatly in popularity as a gift for the jewelry collector. Due to the unlimited number of shapes, designs, and silhouettes that can be produced with three dimensional pendants, there is no shortage of potential choices for your favorite January-born friends.

Journey style garnet pendants are a top seller, and are a very modern look for an age-old gemstone. Journey garnet pendants include several different sizes of garnets that are placed one on top of the other to create a piece that grows thicker as it runs down the chest. These were first popularized with diamonds, however other gemstones are quickly catching up and garnet is not an exception.

Flowers and butterflies are also very common of all three-dimensional pieces. Garnet gemstones can be used to outline the wings or eyes of a silver butterfly or to create the pedals or center of a small precious metal flower. The use of two different colors of garnet adds to the artistic appeal, though add considerably to the price.

Caring for Garnet Pendants
More so than other gemstones and birthstones, your garnet pendant will require some attention and cleaning to ensure a long life of wear and tear.

The most important thing you can do to protect your garnet pendant is to wear it sparingly, and only when you will not come in contact with any solvents or extreme sunlight. Even the perfume you apply before a night out is enough to ruin a garnet, and increase the likelihood of breakage. Exposure to sunlight for long periods of time will wash out the natural color of the garnet. Considering how expensive deep colored garnets can be, it should be in your best interest to keep its look for a long as possible.

One very common error among those new to maintaining jewelry is to wear their jewelry in the pool. This not only exposes gemstones to the natural elements, but also to harsh detergents used to keep a pool sanitary.

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