It would seem like by the latter part of the 20th century with all the technology and a global society that there wouldn’t be any new gemstones or minerals to be discovered. However, in 1966 gaspeite was found in eastern Canada on the Gaspé Peninsula and first described by J.L. Rodda and D.W. Kohls and since has been found both in New Mexico in the United States and in Western Australia. Gaspeite is a lovely lime green semi precious stone that is now being widely used in Native American handcrafted jewelry as well as in a number of trendy contemporary pieces.

Not Suitable for Rings

Because gaspeite is relatively soft it is not really suitable for use in rings. It is only 4.5 to 5.0 on the Mohs scale, but gaspeite could be used for rings if they were fashioned with a bezel setting to protect the stone. Actually, gaspeite is translucent but it is found in a mineral that is opaque in nature. It is quiet dense, similar to the density of garnets with a gravity of about 3.7, but still not well suited for rings or other pieces of jewelry where it would be knocked about and damaged too easily.

Gaspeite Beads
It is possible to get a strand of gaspeite beads either to be worn or to be used when stringing other custom-made beads or jewelry. Some of the finest specimens come from Australia and it is possible to get a 16” strand of 8 mm stones for less than $100. Stringing beads has become a favorite hobby and very few people probably add gaspeite to their collection of interesting beads because of its relative obscurity. If you are looking for an unusual bead, gaspeite would make a great choice.

Native American Gaspeite Jewelry
One of the loveliest pieces of Native American jewelry is a Sterling Silver and Apple Green Gaspeite Navajo necklace. There are approximately 13 ‘beads’ set in sterling silver each approximately one inch in length. There is something remarkably earthy about green gaspeite and many tribes are using it in lieu of turquoise that has always been a Native American favorite. Also available are sterling silver and gaspeite cuff bracelets and earrings. While the earrings generally sell for around $100, the cuff bracelets and beads list at approximately $350 to $400, which is quite a good buy.

Metaphysical Properties of Gaspeite

As a relative newcomer on the scene, gaspeite doesn’t have any folklore associated with it, yet it is used in metaphysical circles for its healing powers. Gaspeite is seen as a stone with the ability to reduce stress and to bring health to vital organs such as the lungs and heart. Some believe that gaspeite enhances spirituality in the person wearing it and because of this it is often given as a gift to persons in need of spiritual enlightenment. Lime green gaspeite is the color of the 4th Chakra (the heart Chakra) which protects the wearer from jealousy and anger, and is also associated with prosperity.

Quite often an unusual piece of jewelry is called for to stand out from what everyone else is wearing and gaspeite would fit the bill quite nicely. It can be worn well with big bold statement pieces that are currently trendy, or can be fashioned into a piece that is earthy and calming. Because it is so new on the list of semi precious stones, wearing gaspeite jewelry will set you apart from the crowd. You can find a number of lovely pieces at reasonable prices, the only thing to be aware of is a gaspeite ring if it is not made with a bezel setting to protect this soft stone.

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