Gemstone Engagement Rings

Gemstone engagement rings are rings that feature gems indicating that the person wearing it is already engaged to be married. Traditionally, it is used by people but in various cultures – both men and women wear it as a matching ring and sometimes as an actual wedding ring. The woman’s ring is presented as a gift by a man to his prospective spouse while proposing marriage.

Gemstone engagement rings, a good alternative to diamonds

The price for an engagement ring can vary depending on the material used. Like any other jewelry, it’s available in a wide selection of styles aimed at all preferences and social standings. Diamond engagement rings are definitely a popular choice, in this day and age. It is widely featured as one of the most popular type of engagement rings since the middle of the 20th century.

In addition, the price of a gemstone in the ring depends on quality and the type of the gem. Diamonds have an identical description that values according to their carat weight, color, clarity, and type. Rings with three diamonds are usually said to represents the couple’s past, present, and future but others give religious importance to the arrangement.

Now breaking the tradition of diamond wedding rings, there are now alternative, affordable, and romantic gemstones to choose from. And in case you think that only poor people make this kind of choice, think again: take a look at the royal English family, for a good example. Queen Elizabeth, Princess Ann, and Princess Diana received a sapphire engagement ring while Princess Sarah Ferguson received a ruby.

In these modern days, there are many romantic and affordable alternatives that can help create a special moment. So for those guys who are having a dilemma on wanting to have a gemstone engagement ring but couldn’t afford a diamond, take heart: here are many gemstones that are historically associated with love as well as being quite meaningful and affordable.

The right color of your gemstone engagement ring means a lot
Choosing the right colored gemstone means you’ll get a ring that’s not merely beautiful, but also a meaningful choice. And if you really think about it, the most important thing about an engagement ring is its symbolism. Just as long as your engagement ring simply expresses a caring and thoughtful sense of love and commitment, you can’t possibly go wrong with this kind of choice. Besides looking pretty, a gemstone engagement ring might provide an appropriate symbolism bearing special meaning for the couple.

For example: since red stones symbolize the heart, passion, and a zest for life, then you can use ruby if you want to convey these values. Rubies have distinguished themselves because of their size or extra ordinary beauty and they are certainly worthwhile of being guarded for posterity. A similar symbolism can be conveyed very inexpensively with red garnet or red tourmaline. If you want an extremely affordable ring, a red spinel is ideal. This are all natural gemstones… and all of them are strikingly beautiful.

Moreover, green symbolizes faithfulness and continuity so if those are the qualities you want to express, you can choose an emerald – which is a fascinating gem stone. They have the most beautiful, most intense, and the most radiant green that can possibly be imagined. You can also have a green garnet or green tourmaline if you would like a less expensive gemstone engagement ring.

For blue that symbolize spiritual and purity, you can have gems like sapphire that comes in all the blue shades. Its beauty, magnificent colors, transparency, constancy and its durability are qualities that make a sapphire so appealing. A blue spinel, iolite, or a blue tourmaline also represents this symbol, and they should be regarded as inexpensive alternatives to having a blue gemstone in your engagement ring.

And don’t forget the Pearl, a gem that has been associated with love and with the wedding itself longer than others. It’s also a belief that a pearl gives good luck, marital happiness, and even preventing crying. The attraction of a pearl makes a massive impact on their appeal. Seek a natural pearl in an antique or heirloom piece. If you want to complete the ring with the symbolism of diamond, which, because of its matchless hardness was believed to be unbreakable, and indestructible, you can combine whatever stone you choose with small diamonds on each side.

Choosing the right gemstone engagement rings
You can also use a birthstone that is connected to the couple in a personal way. Keep in mind that most of the birthstones are available in several tones. A choice of the color of a birth gem stone may be connected to symbolism that has been historically identified. One can combine birthstones with the diamonds to blend the symbolism of diamond with the personal significance of the birthstones for a deeply meaningful and much more affordable ring.

There are a lot of gemstones engagement ring design and style to choose from than ever before. However, selecting the shape is the first step in creating the look you want in a gemstone. There are many exciting shapes. Choose the right shape because it will affect the overall design and the look of your ring.

The most important thing about a gemstone engagement ring is its symbolism. If you think an engagement ring must always contain diamonds, think again. The ring itself symbolizes something beautiful, rare, symbolic, and precious like the love that couples hope to share forever.

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