Gemstone Lockets

Gemstone lockets come with various designs along with various types of exquisite gemstones. Lockets are, in most cases, a personal kind of jewelry. Lockets can be treasured family gifts from mother to daughter, from grandfather to grandson, from elder brother to his sister, from husband to wife, and so on. They are pendants which have small cavities within them to store a tiny thumbnail of a photograph or some other tiny object. The locket, when opened, shows two small cavities within the two split portions of the locket in which usually two photographs are stored. They can be the pictures of the owner of the locket and the giver, who in most cases is a very close person to the owner. These photographs are kept fixed within the locket with the help of plastic fasteners.

Photographs are usually the most common of the stored items, but other small size precious keepsakes can also be stored within the locket, depending on its size. Some special custom made lockets can store up to eight photographs. Lockets are usually attached with a chain and fastened around neck. Also, lockets could also be attached to a bracelet and worn around the wrist. Lockets can be of a variety of shapes: circle, sphere, triangle, oval, elliptical, heart shaped and so on. They can be made from precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and so on. Lockets are usually given by loved ones to their loved ones in occasions like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, baby christenings etc.

Lockets have been fashioned from as early as the Victorian age. In those times, the lockets were not fixed to the chain in the middle. They were attached to the chain in such a way that the locket was free to revolve on its own. Those lockets are called ‘spinner lockets’, which were vastly in fashion on the Victorian age. Also, there are lockets which have a glass pane in the front, making the inner contents of the locket visible to the viewers without the need of opening it. Then there are the perfume lockets, which sports velvet cushions in the middle where perfume drops could be dabbed. However, perfume lockets went out of fashion ages ago since most people tend to think that it is used by people with doubtful personal hygiene and if often a cover-up for body odor.

Gemstone lockets can sport rubies, topaz, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and so on. Lockets can be of various designs as well. A locket can be a heart shaped silver sterling pendant with vine pattern design on it. It can be an oval shaped one with tiny diamonds encrusted on the sides of it. It can be an antique oxidized locket. It can be just a sapphire stone emanating its bluish hue. It can also be a hearts shaped diamond, just made for presenting to a lover. Gemstone lockets are exclusive in nature and thus very expensive. They can be reserved as gifts for very special occasions, like the first marriage anniversary or the tenth for that matter. The price factor often keeps the middle class from fashioning such jewelry, but often, when it comes to giving your beloved one a gift that they will remember, price is the last of issues. As said before, lockets are personal gifts. It is not customary for a random acquaintance to have the gall to present such a personal item to a person. Lockets are given to people who really matter in one’s life. And – as emotional beings as human beings are – one could go to such lengths as paying an exorbitant price for something that is bound to please their loved one.

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