Gevril Watches

Gevril is a name you may not be familiar with, but it is a respected name in Swiss watches. Their watches are a perfect blend of tradition and modern elements and there is always something unique and quite special with their designs. While not as familiar as Rolex, Baume & Mercier or Tissot, Gevril watches rival them in Swiss precision works, and certainly in design. They have a particular focus on detail and the quality is in keeping with what you would expect from a truly good Swiss watch.

Avenue of America Watch
The United States is Gevril’s biggest consumer base, which makes this watch something special here. Named for a 1920’s look, and manufactured with mechanical movement, Avenue of America is a tribute to their most ardent supporters. The mechanical movement is round, yet the innovative pushers are straight. The dial is beveled with raised numbers that have been hand painted individually on each face! This ensures that the numbers won’t ‘fall off’ over time. Also, careful attention is given to how the watch sits on the wrist. For Gevril, the customer’s comfort is equally important to a watch that is trendy and of high quality craftsmanship. They want each and every customer to be proud of the watch they have chosen.

The Gevril Serenade
Serenade is the newest fashion designed by Gevril and it boasts a dual time zone that has a patented movement and an amazing 23 carat gold rotor. One of the most interesting features is the way it indicates the change between day and night in those two different time zones. The time zone window will actually change from white to day as evening sets in and the transition takes about twenty to thirty minutes to transition, much like the setting of the sun in the horizon. This is a true collector’s watch as there are only 50 of them worldwide and it is available in either 18 carat white gold or platinum with an option to choose rose gold if so desired.

Gevril GV2 Collection
Another collection that is an all time favorite is the Gevril GV2 Collection. It has a sporty appeal and is not as costly as their collector’s editions. Although each and every watch that is crafted at Gevril is handcrafted, this collection was designed to be more casual and consequently more affordable. The price ranges anywhere from $500 to $4500 depending on the case, band, and of course the model in the collection. These watches are built with simple analog works, but also with some of the most complex chronographs. Gevril GV2 was designed for men and with a sophisticated technology that makes them a true professional watch. Whether you are looking for a metal bracelet men’s watch or a rubber or leather strap, there is a model within this collection that can suit your style.

Although the company is an authentic Swiss watchmaking company based in Tramelan, Switzerland, it is now owned by Samuel Friedmann of the United States who bought the company in 2001 just prior to the 9/11 tragedy. Through dedication and hard work, Friedmann turned the company around and gave it an established name in Swiss watchmaking. The factory is still the same and the craftsmanship is just as precise as it has been for more than 250 years, but the owner is now an American. Gevril watches are, for the most part, collector’s pieces, but there are collections available that are not numbered pieces in a collection. Any man would be proud to own one of these hand crafted and distinguished Gevril Swiss watches.

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