Girl’s Diamond Cross Pendant

Baptism is a crucial phase of a Christian baby girl’s life. It is important for the parents and relatives too. It has been a customary ritual to gift the child during the reception that follows the Baptism, and what better to give a girl than a diamond cross pendant that so truly signifies this event.

A diamond cross pendant can be a great gift idea from the Godmother to the child. Because devotional jewelries are always treasured all through the years, a diamond cross pendant on sterling silver chain is a cherished gift for a child. She can wear it on the day of her Baptism, can carry it with her throughout her years, and can also pass it on to the next generation when she is grown. Personalized baptism crosses in diamond can also be gifted to the child to keep alive a wonderful memory of childhood.

Diamond cross pendants is not only desirable as a gift to a child, it is also quite attractive to grown Christian women all around the world. Although a little child may not appreciate the beauty of it then, but when she grows up, it will become a very important pendant for her. Polished diamonds in any shape and size is wanted by all grown women.  The charm of a diamond pendant is undeniable, and a pendant in a cross-shape is an idiom of strong faith or belief.

Diamond cross pendants can be of many types. The pendant can be constructed with several small diamonds encrusted in silver to form a cross shape, or it can have a single diamond in the intersection of a silver cross. The pendant can be a miniature cross; can be thick or thin; can be of a medium size, or a bigger one – although a thin and delicate cross looks best on a little girl’s neck. The crosses can vary from a regular straight line to curved ones, which add a modern, more contemporary touch to a traditional jewelry. Diamond cross pendants can also be made of gold, but many would agree that silver is a better setting for a diamond. And especially if the pendant is to be presented as a Baptism gift, then a silver diamond cross pendant is a better option than a gold one. White gold or platinum are also better alternatives to gold for a diamond pendant.

A cross pendant constructed completely of diamond may be very expensive, especially if set on white gold or platinum. For example an 18K white gold pendant with prong-set eleven brilliant diamonds, in an 18k white gold cable link chain can cost around $730 – which is quite a fortune! Whereas a 10k white gold diamond crosses pendant and chain with a single centre diamond can cost around $133, much more affordable than the previous one!

Although it may be a rule of thumb to go for more diamonds, it may not always suit the budget. There are various web resources that list the price and descriptions of many different kinds of diamond cross pendants which can help to decide what kind of pendant one should buy or at what price. Therefore it is wise to search through the web once before deciding to buy a diamond cross pendant. Even though it may be more convenient to buy off the online stores, care should be taken regarding the originality of diamond, since it is very easy to fake a diamond for sellers, and get away with it.

Be it a little girl or grown women – the charm of those brilliantly sparkling gemstones cannot be ignored by anyone. Diamonds are, after all, a girl’s best friend. So a diamond cross pendant given as a gift or a charm is something that a girl will cherish all throughout her life.

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