Glass Bead Necklaces

Necklaces are the ultimate accessory for women. Every woman perhaps owns or has owned a necklace over her lifetime, and it will be quite surprising to hear otherwise. Necklaces have existed as fashion jewelry for the longest time now. In fact, it is quite hard to trace back to the first necklaces, since they have been around since the most ancient and medieval times. Of course the forms and styles have changed over the years. Nevertheless, necklaces still remain classic staples of every woman’s jewelry box.

Glass bead necklaces are one of the many popular types of necklaces that have been around for quite some time now. And it is still considered high-fashion. Glass bead necklaces look great on any woman- which is perhaps why they are so popular in the jewelry world. Glass bead necklaces are classic choices for conservative dressers, as they create on the women a really sophisticated and elegant yet modern look. But of course, it really depends on the color, cut and size of the beads that really defines a classic bead from another.

Glass bead necklaces can be made from many different cuts and colors of glasses. They can also vary in the length and the make. The glass beads can be transparent, or can be a rainbow of different colors for a luminous look. The glass beads can be round, oval, rectangular or any other shape, and can also be carved in a ways that can reflect the maximum amount of light when it catches the beads. The necklaces can be long – sort of a hippie-style length that can be knotted and worn with tunics or simple tees to instantly upgrade the outfit. The necklaces can be smaller as well, showing the more classic side of a woman.  These necklaces can be a single one necklace, or can be a couple of necklaces joined together.

Handmade glass bead necklaces are also available, but are more expensive than commercial manufactured ones, since there goes a lot of effort in crafting necklaces manually. Blown glass beads are also very exquisite as they can be blown with beautiful designs on them, allowing for a gorgeous look. has one such beautiful blown-glass and hand made beaded necklace. This sterling silver, pink and copper glass bead necklace has been hand-crafted in the United States, and can be bought from the site at $38.44. has yet another gorgeous glass bead necklace. This necklace is very beautiful and special, and is adorned with glass beads of various shades of grey in a gold chain. The combination of gray and gold in such an exquisite necklace is sure to attract a number of fashionable women. This necklace is priced at $150 at the website.

Vintage and estate glass bead necklaces can also be found which have been owned and worn by famous people. These necklaces are also quite expensive because of the value that has been added to it for the years.

Glass bead necklaces are versatile pieces that can be worn with any outfit to enhance its look. For a classic look, a long white, glass bead necklace can be folded to make two smaller necklaces. The longer necklace can also be knotted for a funky look. Glass bead necklaces play with light, allowing for wonderful eye-catching and sparkling show. Well-cut glass bead necklaces will reflect light and dazzle in a way that it will be hard to miss by the eyes. These necklaces are great collection to any jewelry boxes. When a woman wants to get some attention, glass bead necklaces will make sure to attract as many eyes as they can.

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