Gold Chains

If you’re looking for information about gold chains, you might be surprised to get more than you were looking for. You see, in this day and age many people actually shop their jewelry online; two main reasons: there is much higher diversity available, and prices can be much lower –  provided you know where to look, of course. It’s also very important choosing a reputable dealer, to make sure the transaction will go smoothly and your gold chains will have some kind of guarantee. If you’re not sure where to find a good dealer with great prices, no need to worry; we have developed this website to facilitate your decision making process.

Why wear gold chains, anyway?

There are a surprising number of people who enjoy wearing gold chains; it’s not just the kind of fetish that is nourished by Mr. T and rap artists (although these are examples of extreme fascination for gold chains). Many people from all walks of life like having a couple of gold chains, and it’s not necessarily about looking extravagant. As a matter of fact, many people never wear their gold chains in public, or at least they don’t wear them in a flashy way. For many, the fascination with gold is a private matter, not an urge to blind-side everyone around them with their bling and flair.

In this day and age, many people turn to gold chains as an investment. In a time where financial markets threat to collapse, gold is once again one of the most sought after commodities, and there are many good reasons why. For once, gold will last for generations and it can be easily stored and transported. For second, the price of gold is not as likely to go down in the foreseeable future, so it makes a solid investment… even more so than the stock market or the real estate market. In fact, the price of gold has been steadily rising in the past few years, since many people turn to this commodity as a way to invest their money and secure its worth.

Making sure your gold chains remain impeccable

Regardless of the reasons why you’re looking to buy some gold chains (whether for style or as a personal investment), there are some considerations that you should keep in mind, to make sure your gold is sparkly and well-preserved for years (even generations) to come. As a matter of fact, one of the great things about solid gold is that it doesn’t require much maintenance at all; but still, you might want to rely on this simple trick to make sure it remains in impeccable condition. You will just need a bit of liquid detergent (you can use the same product you use to wash your clothes, as long as it’s not too aggressive), and a soft bristled toothbrush.

Simply put, you just have to put some water in a bowl, and add two dashes of detergent. Put your gold chains in the bowl and let them soak for a few minutes, to help release the dirt and grime that may have got attached to the links in the gold chain. After it’s nicely soaked, just take it out and use the toothbrush to gently scrub off all the impurities that may have been attached to the gold. Make sure to brush gently, otherwise there’s always a chance you may scratch the surface of the gold, which will make your gold chains lose their immaculate looks. Just as long as you’re gentle (which should follow naturally since you’re handling an expensive piece of jewelry), your gold chain will look good as new after just a few minutes.

Also, keep in mind that jewelry made of solid gold won’t easily be damaged, since gold is a fairly resistant metal. However, unless you handle your gold chains with care (or any other type of gold jewelry, for that matter), it will be prone to getting scratches on the surface. While this won’t affect the quality of the gold itself, it will make the piece of jewelry look a bit worn out, and that will negatively impact its market value as jewelry. Also, well preserved gold chains will look strikingly shiny and beautiful, despite of their age.

Different types of gold chains available

If you can’t quite decide what type of gold chain you want, you should know there are actually a surprising variety of gold chains to choose from. They will vary not just in terms of the grade of gold, but also in the way the chain is woven together; some of the most common examples are the rope chain (which is woven much like a rope), the fox chain (which looks braided together), the rolo chain (which uses broad circular chains), cable chains (with oval inks pieced together alternatively), and the much popular curb chains (circular and flattened links).

There a various other type of chains such as marine chains, herringbone, bar and bead chain and several others. Most types of chain are ideal for both men and women, but some types may be recommended for either gender. Generally speaking, gold chains aimed for men are heavier and thicker, while gold chains for women are thinner and more elegant. There’s no need to worry much about such technicalities, though; in our opinion, the best criteria to choose the perfect gold chains is by merely following your personal taste – you simply can’t go wrong with that, especially if you plan to wear your gold chain around your neck.

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