Gold Curb Chains

Gold chains have been a favorite type of chain for both men and women alike for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The ancient Greeks and Romans were the first people to make and wear gold chains. Gold chains are still in style today. Almost any new dress or outfit will look great with a gold chain. Men can wear them with all kinds of attire.

The gold curb chain is uniquely styled gold chain which is a very popular jewelry item today. The gold curb chain is a flat link chain with rounded edges. These chains are often referred to as service chains because they are often used by soldiers or for religious medals and charms. The links are interlocking, giving the chain a flowing effect. Some gold curb chains can be quite heavy and bulky while others can be very thin and delicate. These chains are a series of twisted gold links that are all the same size that are linked together. In a traditional curb chain the links are oval but there are variations of design. These chains lie down smoothly and do not pinch the skin. Interestingly, the curb chains are the one that have been used on horse’s bridals. They will secure the bit but not pinch the flesh. As jewelry pieces, these chains will also lie flat on the skin and not pinch.

You can find gold curb chains that are actually silver chains that have been plated with gold. Sometimes ornaments or charms can be added to the chain. Some people prefer a gold curb chain with a pendant, locket, cross, etc. from. Some men’s wallets will have gold curb chains attached to them. You may have seen one connected to pocket watches, etc. You can buy various sizes curb chains which are very common and easy to find. They can have very large links, very small links and all sizes in between. The large curb chains are worn more by men than by women. Large, heavy gold curb chains are very popular with the hip hop community which has really caused them to be trendy nowadays.

Gold jewelry will never go out of style and neither will gold curb chains. These chains can be purchased in 10 karat, 14 karat, 18 karat and 24 karat gold. 24 karat gold is 100% pure gold. Buying a pure gold curb chain is best if you are allergic to other metals like nickel. You can even invest your money by buying solid gold chains. These chains will hold their value and may even increase in value over the long run. The chains are versatile and strong. They are acceptable for office wear, street wear and day wear as well as evening wear. Try pairing a gold curb chain necklace and bracelet for the perfect look. These chains can be cut to various lengths. They make great presents for a birthday, Bar Mitzvah, anniversary or graduation. Both males and females love these chains so any one that is give as a gift will be much appreciated.

As a suggestion for a gift for a man in your life, how about a 24 inch 10k rose gold curb chain. You could also purchase this gift in white or yellow gold. Rose gold is really striking for men to wear though. You will also be able to find a matching men’s bracelet to complete the ensemble. If you are shopping for one of these chains for the woman in your life how about a rose, yellow or white 10k gold chain for women with a lobster claw clasp? This chain necklace would be perfect for any type of occasion. The curb chain necklaces and bracelets give a sophisticated modern look and shine with style. A lobster claw clasp gives a reliable and secure fit. Find fine gold curb chains online or in your local jewelry stores or in department stores everywhere.

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