Gold Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are still vastly in fashion, and the reasons are aplenty as well. Gone are those days when women used to wear cultural costumes and tie up their hair in a bun and sported tops –a medium size pearl, an emerald, gold or inexpensive stones that sits on the earlobe. Times have long changed since then, so have the apparel, and eventually, the earrings. Modern young women seemingly feel more comfortable wearing sleek but trendy outfits, which is usually accompanied by hair falling down in tresses down their shoulders. This makes the tops –if worn—invisible and completely covered the flowing masses of hair that cascades down the sides of faces. Thus enters the concept of drop earrings. These earrings dangles a bit down from the earlobe –in some cases the top extends below to form a drop earring—and hence becomes visible even amid the masses of hair.

Drop earrings, in general are greater in variety in terms of design. They can assume a variety of shapes – triangle, circle, ellipse, square, hexagon, pentagon, convex — which are easily comprehendible because they are larger in size and dangles from the lobe. Drop earrings can sport intricate designs, and can take the form of dangling diamond shaped rings at the end of which small beads protrude out. They can be solid silver spheres tugging at the ends of a length of metal string, or simply a continuous structure of alternately positioned gold tops with a fastener encrusted with rubies or topaz, while on the other hand, they can also be artistic clay material with an unconventional outlook. Drop earrings can also be heavy or light, depending upon the material with which it is made of – heavy if made of pure gold, light if made of gold plated steel. Although drop earrings are mostly associated with the younger generation, women in the early forties are also joining in the foray in recent times.

Gold earrings – in fact gold jewelry in general– are a coveted form of ornament especially in the Southern and oriental Asia. It is even more so in recent times as the price of gold is increasing at a very high rate. Hence, gold drop earrings can be classified as an item for only a fortunate class of people, the wealthy and the upper middle class in this case. They can hardly be afforded by young people who are still in the academic stages or at beginning stage of their careers – thus do find scarcity within this target segment.

Especially in the Indian sub-continental regions, it is customary for the bridegroom’s family to provide gold jewelry for the bride. With the exception of weddings, gold jewelry is hardly bought by the lower middle class as it is gradually getting out of their reach. Nevertheless, gold drop earrings – heavily encrusted with gemstones in a mesh of gold with stone-embedded fastener—are much in vogue for weddings. They are the most popular choice of young brides; which is evidently not a surprise since those heavy gold tops went out of fashion ages ago. Often brides, who receive small gold ornaments as gifts from friends and family, have them melt so as to make a pair of gaudy custom-made gold drop earrings. These earrings are later worn in family weddings and parties, with the intent to display the proverbial epitome of vibrancy and elegancy.

Even highly priced tags can hardly deter these fashion conscious young women, who continue to devise innovative means to attain that desired piece of jewelry — matching it perhaps with other ornaments and apparel—which would give them the perfect regal outlook. Although diamonds and platinum have grabbed a big piece of the jewelry market pie; gold, evoking tradition, culture and class, would always be the first choice of jewelry lovers in certain parts of the world. And as long as there is a demand for gold laden ornaments, gold drop earrings would continue to be the crown jewel for any collections.

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