Gold Figaro Chains

Interestingly enough, this classic Italian chain was actually designed with the Barber of Seville himself in mind! Based on the trilogy of operas, the Figaro chain is fashioned after the man, bold and big. But that is the classic Figaro that is usually comprised of three round gold links with one elongated oval link. The chain can be flat or rounded and over time has become stylish in delicate weights as well as the traditional heavy man’s gold chain. Originally worn only by men, gold Figaro chains are now fashioned for women as well.

Classic Men’s Gold Figaro Chains

Most often, men’s chains are heavy weight and quite costly. As length is added to these heavy chains, of course the price goes up as well. They can simply be worn alone or adorned with large medallions or crosses being the most common. The trendiest chains are crafted in Italy, and are just as popular as Italian gold itself. Over time other pieces have been added to the men’s collection. Most common is a solid gold Figaro men’s bracelet or a gold Figaro chain watch band. Watch fobs and tie clasps also are made with gold Figaro links.

Ladies Gold Figaro Chains
Now that ladies chains are being fashioned for traditional Figaro links, they have come to be popular for entire sets that include charm bracelets, delicate chains for pendants, bracelets, anklets and even as the fine chain that hangs from dangle pierced earrings! Ladies can also wear heavier chains, but usually not as heavy as those made for men. The heavier chains in ladies fashions tend to be longer and worn without a charm or a pendant. Gold Figaro chains are also available as watch bands for the ladies, but not quite as common as for men.

Two Tone and Tri Color Solid Gold Figaro Chains
One of the modern variations of the Figaro chains is to craft them in two tone or tri colored gold. The usual color combination for the two tone chains is a combination of white and yellow gold, while tri colored gold Figaro chains are made from rose, white and yellow gold. Here again, these chains come in a variety of weights from heavy masculine chains to delicate and feminine styles. Ladies often wear a tri colored gold chain with a pendant or as the bracelet to hold charms.

A Contemporary Slant on Figaro Chains – Rapper Chains
In recent years the Figaro chain has morphed into the style worn by many hip hop celebrities. Known as the ‘Rapper Figaro chain,’ these heavy gold necklaces are often worn with large, oversized crosses. The finish on the gold is known as ‘iced’ and the crosses usually are fashioned with crystals, rhinestones or in some cases, even diamonds. They are extremely popular with the younger club set and have brought an added dimension to a classic style. Usually worn only by men, these chains are extremely heavy weight.

Exactly ‘how’ the Barber of Seville inspired the creation of the Figaro chain is unclear, yet it is a fact that indeed it was named after the protagonist, Figaro. Although it was inspired by Rossini operas, a new breed of music has taken over the fashion. Perhaps Rossini wouldn’t hear it as music to the ears, this new sound that is more rhythm than melody, but he would surely agree that big, bold and flashy gold Figaro chains suit the style. Whether worn for elegance or contemporary glitz, this is one chain that crosses the age-gender-genre gap. Young and old, hip or not, gold Figaro chains can be found to fit the style.

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