Gold Heart Locket

For so many years women have been wearing lockets around their necks to keep tiny photos and other memories close to their hearts. There are so many styles of heart lockets that there is one for literally any woman no matter how ornate or how simple she would like a gold heart locket to be. Some have diamonds and other precious stones set in them and some are simple polished gold that is ready to be engraved with a special message or the name of a loved one. Whether plain and simple or highly ornate, every woman should have a gold heart locket.

14k White Gold Domed Heart Locket
One of the simpler gold heart lockets would be a 14k white gold domed heart shaped locket. The domed heart has added dimension so that mementos other than small photographs can be inserted into the locket. Usually this type of locket holds tiny clippings of hair or pieces of flowers or fabric – tiny memories that are meant to be kept close at all times.

14k Gold Diamond Accent Heart Locket
Ross Simmons offers a delicately etched hear locket that has a radiant diamond accent in the center. It opens to show a tiny picture or other keepsake inside. Done in 14k gold on an 18” chain, this locket measures approximately three-quarters of an inch with a hanging length of about one inch.

Tri-Colored Mom Heart Locket

Mothers especially love to wear a locket around their necks because they can keep tiny little pictures of their children close to them at all times. Often clippings of that memorable first haircut are kept inside the locket and sometimes even that first tooth that comes out once the tooth fairy has paid a visit! This locket has three tiny rose and green gold flowers with a diamond set in each and the word “Mom” engraved on the front.

Three Stone “I Forever Do” 14k Gold Heart Locket
The three stone “I Forever Do” 14k gold heart locket is one of the more unique lockets because it opens to reveal a secret message – “I Forever Do.” On the face are three diamond accents set diagonally and the back of the locket can be engraved up to two lines. Inside the engraved gold secret message is embellished with green and rose gold.

Tiny 14k Gold Children’s Heart Locket
Grown ladies aren’t the only ones who treasure lockets either! Little girls love to wear jewelry and nothing is more special for the little lady than a small 14k gold children’s heart locket where she can keep tiny treasures tucked away securely inside. The chain on a little girl’s locket would be best at 13” which is just right for her size.

Two Tone Gold Heart Locket with Three Initials
Another lovely gold heart locket is done in yellow gold with white gold set in ornate carvings around the frame. It can be engraved on the reverse side with up to three initials. The carved embellishments around the front make this locket one of the most feminine gold heart lockets to be found.

Since women have been wearing jewelry there have been heart lockets that always held a memory that was meant to be kept close to the heart. While there are other shapes for lockets, a heart locket is especially significant because it signifies that what lies inside is of special importance. Lockets will never go out of style no matter what jewelry is trending because ladies will always cherish the memories that lay hidden inside. If you are looking for a special gift, a gold heart locket is a perfect choice.

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