Gold Huggie Earrings

If you are searching online for gold huggie earrings and are not having much luck finding the pair you are looking for, perhaps you could try a different search term. While the customary spelling for these small earrings that simply hug the lobe of the ear is with the ‘ie’ suffix, many people spell them with the traditional ‘y’ at the end. Gold huggie earrings or gold huggy earrings are one and the same.

Any Style under the Sun
Actually, huggie earrings are quite trendy at the moment and there is a wide assortment of styles to choose from. You can find delicate little gold bands that just frame the lobe, or diamond studded white gold huggies for a more elegant look. You can find huggies styled as hearts, flowers, butterflies, ethnic designs and religious designs. Some are elegant and some are for every day casual wear, but there is nothing cuter than gold huggie earrings in any style under the sun.

Diamond Studded Gold Huggies
Probably some of the most attractive gold huggie earrings are diamond studded. The small band that wraps around the ear has diamonds either just on the front, or around the full band. Quite often these earrings also have a small charm hanging from them in the shape of a tiny flower with a diamond center, or perhaps a bird or butterfly. Gold huggie earrings with diamonds can be found it white, yellow, two tone or tri colored gold, most often in 14k or 18k.

Birthstone Gold Huggie Earrings
When shopping for a birthday gift and you are at a loss for what to get, birthstone gold huggie earrings may be just the thing. Sometimes a ring is too personal, she already has a gold birthstone pendant, so earrings would fit the bill. Although there are several styles that are available with birthstones, you would want to find a pair that would match the pendant. Take a look at whether it is a teardrop, a simple stone set in a basket setting or perhaps in the shape of some flower or ‘critter.’ If you can’t match the pendant, a simple pair of gold bands with the birthstone would be called for, but you just might find that the pendant is part of a set that you could find the matching earrings for.

Dangling Gold Huggie Earrings
One of the most attractive styles that are trending at the moment is dangling gold huggie earrings. The actual huggie band is still the small earring that wraps around the lobe, but these earrings have an assortment of dangling chains, with or without a charm. Sometimes the chains are diamond studded, and sometimes they have other stones in the links. Other times there are two or three varying lengths of gold chain dangling down, and this style is quite lovely in tri colored gold. Whether studded with stones, dangling with a charm or simple lengths of chain dangling down, gold huggie dangling earrings are hot this season.

Don’t forget that you can also find gold huggie earrings for men as well! Some styles can be worn equally by both sexes as they are neither masculine nor feminine. However, you can find literally any style of gold huggie earrings, elegant or casual. Prices vary depending on the weight of the gold and the clarity and size of the diamonds or other precious stones. It simply depends on your preference and the style you are trying to match. For a special gift, gold huggie earrings can fit any occasion from Christmas to birthdays and they can also be found to fit any budget.

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