Gold Initial Pendants

Jewelry is commonly viewed as a gift that has a romantic connotation. So, what do you do when you want to purchase a piece of jewelry for someone who is special to you, but not in a romantic way? The answer is to purchase a gold initial pendant for them. Gold initial pendants make a great gift because they are very nice, but don’t imply anything romantic. Whether you are looking for a nice gift for a female friend, co-worker or sibling, a gold initial pendant is the perfect choice.

What is a Gold Initial Pendant?
A gold initial pendant is a piece of jewelry that is made from gold and features one of the letters of the alphabet. Depending on the specific pendant, it can come as a standalone pendant or be included with a gold necklace.

What Kind of Gold Initial Pendants are Available?
While all initial pendants in this category are obviously made from gold, there are many different options available. The first difference between gold initial pendants is their size. Because of the amount of gold initial pendants that are available, their size can range from very small and dainty to fairly large. The next factor that can be different is whether the pendant is by itself or part of a necklace. While some gold initial pendants come by themselves so they can be attached to any necklace that you want, others come already attached to a necklace. Another factor is the type of gold that is used. The majority of gold initial pendants are made from 14k gold, but some higher end options are made from 22k gold. Gold initial pendants can also differ as to whether or not they are accented by any diamonds or other stones. They may also be made from yellow gold or white gold.

Finally, the most noticeable factor that differs between gold initial pendants is if the letter is by itself or built into another design. In addition to gold initial pendants that are simply a letter, a gold initial pendant can also have a letter that is integrated into a scroll, heart, square, circle, flower or other design.

How Much Do Gold Initial Pendants Cost?

Gold initial pendants start around $30 and go all the way up to several hundred dollars in price. The majority of gold initial pendants under $45 are either just a letter or have a very simple design. Gold initial pendants from $50-$100 will feature more complicated designs, as well as have a variety of accents. Gold initial pendants between $100 and $250 can feature 22k gold and small diamond accents. At the highest end of initial gold pendants, the available options can have diamond accents with 0.05 of total carat weight.

How Many Gold Initial Pendants Should You Give Someone?
The answer to this question depends on several factors. First, what is your budget? If your budget is fairly limited, you will want to focus on purchasing one nice gold initial pendant. If your budget isn’t much of a concern, you can choose to purchase more than one pendant.

The next consideration is whether or not a pendant comes with a necklace. If it comes with a necklace, you won’t want to buy multiple initial pendants. If it doesn’t come with a necklace and purchasing one won’t cause a budget issue for you, you can consider purchasing multiple pendants.

Finally, you will want to take into account the size of the gold initial pendant. While a large gold initial pendant will look better by itself than with other pendants, multiple smaller pendants may look very good together on a necklace.

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