Gold Locket Necklace

Gold locket necklaces are as beautiful as they are nostalgic. Locket necklaces date back in time for centuries and these are the necklaces that open up to reveal two halves. The two halves are called wings and they are connected with a hinge. When locket necklaces were first designed they were used for a variety of practical reasons such as for carrying medicines or poisons. They were also used to carry the ashes of a deceased loved one or a piece of their hair. Some people used lockets as good luck charms and filled them with herbs to ward off evil. As time went on the lockets began to have pictures or photos of family or friends inserted in them. It is still popular today to wear a locket with the photo of a loved one tucked inside.

Today you can find gold locket necklaces in various styles, designs and sizes. A gold locket necklace is a wonderful gift to give for a woman. The purity of the gold and the complexity of the design will affect the price of a gold locket necklace. You can find them in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, varying from 10kts to 24ks. However, 24kst is a very soft, costly metal and may not be best suited for a locket. The color of the gold will depend on the percentage of other metal alloys mixed in to make the gold stronger. If you are shopping for a gold locket for a loved one and think you might want to get earrings later to complete the set, it is a good idea to also go ahead and purchase a matching pair of earrings when you buy the locket so they match perfectly.

The gold heart shaped locket is the most popular design with women. The heart is a symbol of love and is the perfect shape to hold a picture of someone you love. Gold heart shaped lockets are often given between couples since they symbolize romance. Second in popularity to the heart shaped locket is the oval shaped locket. This shape is also perfect for a photo and is best for seeing the whole face of the person. You can find plain heart shaped and oval shaped lockets or others that have a lot of intricate details on them. There are also gold lockets that have a cameo insert on the front of the locket. Others can have precious or semi precious gemstones on the front piece of the locket. Still yet, other gold lockets can have engraving on them or various inlays. Some of the newer designs are the gold lockets with pave settings of diamonds or cubic zirconia. These designs are as stunning as they are gorgeous.

When shopping for a gold locket you should look for the ones that have a straight hinge on them. A curved hinge can cause the locket to not close properly. The locket should fit together perfectly when it is closed and the hinge should be recessed so it is not seen when closed. The chain lengths can vary also. The typical chain length is 18 inches.

Wearing a gold locket with a picture of a loved on tucked inside will make any woman happy. A gold locket necklace is an appropriate sentimental gift for Valentines Day, birthdays, engagements and anniversaries. Also, a loved one who is going away can give a gold locket to wear until they return. For instance, anyone in the military that is being deployed can give a gold locket to his girlfriend, wife or mother. The woman will enjoy keeping a picture of her loved one next to her heart until he returns. Wearing a gold locket like this can make the woman feel closer to her loved one and can bring comfort in times of distress. Look for gold lockets online for the best pricing. They are also readily available at retail outlets everywhere.

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