Gold Magnetic Bracelets

Although many people have never encountered magnetic therapy to treat and cure a number of illnesses and conditions, it is no less a valid alternative treatment for such things as arthritis, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, toothaches, back aches and in fact, almost any kind of musculoskeletal pain. As a matter of fact, magnetic therapy was first recorded used by the Chinese as far back as 3000 BC. That is an amazing 5,000 year history that surpasses modern medicine as we know it today. Through the use of bio magnetic jewelry it is possible to treat a great number of physical maladies without the use of drugs which is why gold magnetic bracelets have become increasingly popular.

Stainless Steel, Gold and Alloys

Actually, gold is not magnetic so it would not be suitable to be worn and utilized to establish a magnetic field to treat or prevent any illness. However, stainless steel bracelets that have been plated with gold or that have gold bars overlapping the magnetized core provide both the healing polarity and a fashionable bracelet. Most often gold is used with stainless steel although it is also used with copper. Both of those magnetic metals have a different gauss, or measurement of a magnetic field, so they are used for different physiological effects.

Main Differences between Copper and Stainless Steel Core

Both copper and stainless steel have a high gauss which means that they can both electrically charge the ions in the bloodstream to promote relief from pain of all types. Copper, however, is most beneficial in terms of healing arthritic pain and stainless steel works almost like an anti-inflammatory as well as for the relief of muscle pain, stiffness in joints and pain from injuries.

Rose Gold North Magnetic Bracelets

Some of the loveliest north polarized gold magnetic bracelets are fashioned from rose gold which is an alloy of gold and copper. The magnets have been polarized at 3000 gauss north which is the strength and direction required for maximum healing and pain relief. These bracelets come in a number of styles, one of the most popular being called ‘Cupid’s Arrows.’ Colors range from rose gold to dark rose gold, and bracelets should be worn approximately 1/2” larger than the circumference of the wrist.

Stainless Steel & Gold Magnetic Bracelets
There are a number of truly fashionable stainless steel & gold magnetic bracelets that are often made with two tone gold. Some of them are set with semi precious stones which also have been chosen for curative or restorative properties. Among the most common stones used for this type of bracelet are any in the crystal family, agates and onyx. In fact, some of the bracelets are so fashionable that they aren’t obviously apparent as a gold magnetic bracelet. This is especially true this year when accessories and jewelry are running big and bold. Gold magnetic bracelets are worn for their healthful properties, yet they look like they were chosen to complete the ‘Urban Warrior’ look that is currently trending.

We have long known about the ability of bio magnetics to heal and restore the body to wholeness but it has been pushed aside for modern medicine over the years. This holistic approach to pain relief and wellness has been in existence for more than 5,000 years and there is well documented research that authenticates the validity of bio magnetics as a healing art form. Gold magnetic bracelets are a fashionable way to add the amazing powers of bio magnetics so that you can go about your daily life as the ions in your bloodstream are charged to the appropriate polarization for good health. And the best part is, each bracelet probably only costs 10% of an average doctor visit! What a way to look great, feel great and save money in the process.

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