Gold Serpentine Necklace

A gold serpentine necklace is basically a piece of jewelry that consists of a gold necklace with serpentine stones in it. It is common for this type of necklace to consist of a gold necklace with a serpentine pendant. The main focus on this type of jewelry is to the serpentine stone, which is a very unique type of gemstone.

What is Serpentine?

Serpentine is a semi-precious gemstone that is green in color. Some of these stones will contain minor spots or inclusions of other colors including black, white, and yellow. The serpentine stone is said to have healing properties. It is also considered to be a powerful stone that can have many other benefits as well. Also, the serpentine stone is rated with a hardness level varying by stone anywhere between 2 and 5.5 Moh’s.

The name behind this type of stone was given due to the appearance of it having a strong resemblance the snake’s skin. The stone itself is found in many countries across the world. It is most commonly found in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa though. To be more particular, the serpentine stone is very prominently found in China.

What is a Gold Serpentine Necklace?

As already said, a gold serpentine necklace is just a piece of jewelry that features a gold necklace with serpentine stones in the design somehow. In many cases a serpentine necklace pendant will be used to achieve this but some gold necklaces feature serpentine stones directly in the necklace pattern.

There are still various types of serpentine gold necklaces available though. For instance, you have different choices of gold such as yellow gold and white gold. This will play a major role in the overall appeal of this piece of jewelry. Most people prefer yellow gold, as it tends to look better with the green serpentine stones. Also, you will be able to find various necklace designs and styles that include serpentine stones as well.

Buying a Gold Serpentine Necklace
A serpentine gold necklace is not an incredibly popular type of jewelry. It can be found but you will have to make some effort to find a piece of this type of jewelry. It would be recommended that you consider buying it online, as there will be a better chance of you finding one that you like.

When buying a gold serpentine necklace there will be a few things that you will have to consider. You will want to look at the karats of the gold so you have an idea on the price and value of the chain. A 14k gold serpentine necklace would be more affordable than a 18k gold serpentine necklace but it has its’ disadvantages too. Looking at the weight, price, and design of the serpentine gold necklace will all be very important parts of making the right purchase as well.

A gold serpentine necklace would be a great addition to any gold jewelry collection. It is a piece of jewelry that can look wonderful while worn with any type of outfit. If you happen to be a fan of green gemstones then this would definitely be a great choice. While not as appealing as an emerald gold necklace, the serpentine gold necklace is still a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be attained for an affordable price.

If you would really like to purchase a gold serpentine necklace then you should take a look at the pieces that are available online. It may take a while to find one that is incredibly appealing to you but there should be a piece that you like. Make sure you take everything into consideration and purchase the serpentine gold necklace that fits your budget and personal tastes perfectly.

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