Gold Snake Ring

Gold snake rings and other pieces of jewelry exploded in popularity in just a few months as they appeared on a number of A-list celebrities. Jessica Alba, Brittney Spears, and Angelina Jolie have all been spotted sporting gold snake rings, and in the time since then, jewelers have rushed to put out more and more varieties of the very intriguing jewelry.

But before celebrities rushed to buy gold snake rings, they had been adorned by ancient civilizations for centuries. Snake rings were worn to honor the Greek god Asclepius some thousand years ago. Snake rings also had a modest rebirth in Victorian times and were often accented with precious stones and gems to be worn by those with social status and sophistication.

Types of Gold Snake Rings
There are any number of types of gold snake rings but the most popular has by far been the type the celebrities have worn the most: a full snake with a head and tail facing up and down the top of the finger with several coils wrapped around the finger in the middle. These types of rings are often made with 14k gold to provide strength and very often feature precious stones or inexpensive glass to create the eyes of the snake.

Other varieties of the popular ring include a snake with limited features but with a single round cut diamond secured by a wrapped tail. Diamonds ranging from .10 ct to .25 ct have been used in these rings, though larger and smaller varieties may demand larger or smaller cuts.

Besides the obvious full bodied snake rings, other derivative types have also caught on. Some jewelers have dropped the snake head and tail all together and created a ring with a pattern very similar to the scaly skin of a snake. The trend further grew into whole lines of synthetic and real snake skin bags, purses and other accessories.

Picking a Snake Ring
The most important part about picking a specific style of ring is to start with the budget. As with any type of rings, gold snake rings start at roughly $40 and up to $3000 or more. We’ll start from the bottom up.

The least expensive type of ring is a hollow gold snake ring that includes only a few details molded out of gold. Since these rings are hallow, they use less gold and are less expensive, but do not have the same integrity as other, thicker, rings. It is important to note that a 24k hollow gold snake ring may contain more valuable metals than a solid 12k ring, but will not have the same strength and is prone to damage.

Next on the list are higher carat weight gold snake rings. These can be incredibly simple and include only a silhouette of a snake or be complex with details from engraved snakeskin to gemstone eyes etc. Some designers also offer painted gold snake rings to really bring out the characteristics of a snake and make it look more lifelike than simple silhouette pieces.

Finally, we have gemstone and diamond encrusted gold snake rings. These pieces are in many ways similar to pendants in that they are often three dimensional and make the use of any number of smaller diamonds and gemstones to highlight the key features of the snake. For instance, the eyes may be made out of diamonds or light emeralds (when fully submerged in gold, emeralds take on a very dark green or gray color) and may feature scales created with the use of glass pieces. Since these take more time to create, and are often made by hand, prices on these pieces range from a few hundred dollars on up to thousands of dollars. The size and quality of the precious jewels also make up a significant portion of the overall piece price.

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