Gold Tennis Bracelet

A gold tennis bracelet is a very classic jewelry piece that is typically characterized by a series of diamonds placed in a thin line throughout the entire bracelet design. While many jewelry designers today create their own versions of the tennis bracelet, most typically have the same overall characteristics. The gold tennis bracelet received its name in the late 1980s when Chris Evert, a championship tennis player wore her diamond bracelet to the US Open Championship. Wearing jewelry in a professional sporting event at the time had never been done and all eyes were glued to the bracelet. During her match, the claps on Evert’s bracelet broke and diamonds fell all over the court.

Tennis bracelets are typically formed by strands of gemstones, most commonly diamonds. These stones are held together by a hidden clasp. The stones are set individually in most bracelets made today to decrease the risk of losing stones should the clasp break. The actual design, size and style of your gold tennis bracelet may vary greatly from others as different designers tend to put different spins on each design. It is a good idea to have your tennis bracelet custom fit to your specific wrist to ensure that it is comfortable to wear and that it is neither too tight nor too loose.

One of the most commonly purchased styles of diamond tennis bracelets are those that include yellow gold as the setting metal. Gold tennis bracelets are very commonly found in traditional jewelry stores and from many online retailers today. White gold is also a good choice for those who want real gold yet prefer the silver toned color or for those who are allergic to yellow gold. Because tennis bracelets typically contain diamonds and other precious gemstones, they are normally set in precious metals. Gold is the most favored of all precious metals and creates a wonderful backdrop for the diamonds in the bracelet. There are a number of tennis bracelet designs that are set in platinum. However, platinum is a much more expensive metal than white or yellow gold.

The actual cost of a gold tennis bracelet will depend on a number of different factors. First, you have to consider the karat weight of the gold that is used. White gold is typically cheaper in cost than yellow gold because yellow gold contains more pure gold. Along the same lines, a 10K gold bracelet will be a bit less expensive than one that is 18K gold because the higher the karat weight the more gold the piece actually contains. Another determining factor in the cost of a gold tennis bracelet is the number, size and grade of the diamonds used to create the bracelet. There will be a great variety in the size of the stones in different tennis bracelets. The total karat weight of the diamonds will play a major part in determining the overall cost.

Of course, the grade of the diamonds will also help to determine the final cost. If the diamonds have inclusions they are likely to be less expensive. Alternatively, if they are near perfect then the cost may double or even triple. When choosing a gold tennis bracelet you will need to pay strict attention to the karat weight of both the gold used for the band and the diamonds that will be included in the design in order to determine your total cost for the bracelet. You will find varying prices that may range from under $100 to well over $100,000 again depending on the quality of the stones and metals used in creating the bracelet.

Yellow gold is typically the most favored for diamond tennis bracelets because the yellow color brilliantly contrasts with the white of the diamonds and creates a stunning and elegant look. Most jewelry experts will agree that the yellow of the gold will make the diamonds pop with color and brilliance. Be sure when purchasing a gold tennis bracelet that you choose a retailer that you know and trust or order from an online retailer that has a good reputation for providing quality products. This will ensure that you actually receive a bracelet made from real gold and real diamonds instead of a copy that is merely glass stones and gold plating.

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