Green Amethyst Earrings

Most amethyst is purple in color but there are other colors of amethyst as well. Green amethyst is an alternative to purple amethyst and it is becoming a very popular choice for jewelry. You can now find many different pieces of green amethyst jewelry such as the green amethyst earrings.

Green amethyst has a strong transparency. The stone features a sage green color but the color intensity will vary by stone. The green color of the green amethyst stone is attained through heating the purple amethyst stone. This process, rarely natural, will eliminate all of the purple color from the purple amethyst and turn it to a green colored stone. If you were to purchase a loose purple amethyst stone or piece of purple amethyst jewelry then it would be noted that it should stay out of intense heat because of this.

What Are Green Amethyst Earrings?
The answer to this question is pretty straightforward. Green amethyst earrings are a piece of body jewelry that incorporates the green amethyst stone. The jewelry will be worn with an ear piercing. You can find various styles and designs of green amethyst earrings so there will definitely be something that catches your eye.

Giving Green Amethyst Earrings as a Gift
Green amethyst earrings would make for a great gift to give to anyone that is a fan of green gemstones and green gemstone jewelry. This is one of the more appealing types of green gemstones. While it may not be as superb as the emerald stone, the green amethyst stone still provides a better appeal than most other green gemstones.

Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February. This means that a set of green amethyst earrings would make for a perfect gift for anyone that was born in the month of February. It would be suggested to give the earrings to that individual for their birthday so it has a meaning behind it.

What to Know When Buying Green Amethyst Earrings
Green amethyst jewelry is harder to find than purple amethyst jewelry because it is more rare. This is especially true for natural green amethyst stones. However, the cost of green amethyst jewelry is comparable to purple amethyst jewelry and sometimes it is actually cheaper. You can find many sets of green amethyst earrings available for an affordable price but they are not as common as purple amethyst earrings.

You will want to find out if the specific piece of jewelry you are looking at contains a natural green amethyst or not. There should be information on whether the stone was lab treated or not. If this information is not available then you may want to inquire about it to the seller. Natural green amethyst and green amethyst made from purple amethyst are both more valuable than green dyed quartz stones.

If you want to have a decent selection of green amethyst earrings to choose from then it would be suggested that you consider buying them online. This will open you up to a much larger selection of these pieces of jewelry than you would have at a local jewelry store. You should be able to find a set of green amethyst earrings online that consist of a style and design that appeals to you and has an affordable price tag as well.

A set of green amethyst earrings is a great choice for anyone that is a fan of green gemstone jewelry. You can find these earrings in many different styles as well so you can show off the green amethyst gemstones accordingly. Lastly, as a reminder, you should take a look at the selection of green amethyst earrings online if you would like to buy a set of them.

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