Green Garnet Rings

If you love the color green you’ll love wearing a green garnet ring. It may seem to think of a garnet as being green because people usually associate garnets with the color red. The green garnet was discovered in 1967 by British geologist, Campbell R. Bridges. They were found in Tanzania near the Tsavo National Park and again in Kenya in 1971, making the green garnet a relatively new stone. Garnets have been known by man for thousands of years though. Legend has it that a garnet lantern was used by Noah to guide his ark through the night. Some say that the green garnet is even slightly illuminated in the shade. Science today has proven that garnets are luminous and their luminosity comes from their high reflective index which is 1.734/44. The garnet is considered to be a talisman or protective stone that can protect its wearer from evil or disaster. The best known green garnet is the tsavorite which belongs to the grossularite group. It is mined in Tanzania and Kenya. The green color runs from vivid green to mint, blue-green to deep forest green. They were named by Tiffany’s of New York after their discovery.

A natural color green garnet ring with a stone that has a quality cut can have a brilliant shine to it which freshens and invigorates the senses when look on. A green garnet does not need heat treatment. These stones are all natural. The Moh’s scale level is 7.5 which means a green garnet is relatively a hard stone. A green garnet ring is not likely to splinter or crack if knocked about, which is often the case with rings. The green garnet stones can be set close to one another like emeralds can only the green garnet if a lot less expensive. Also, even a tiny stone in a ring will display excellent luminosity and brilliance.

Green garnet rings can be set in yellow or white gold, sterling silver, platinum or palladium. The sharp hue of a green garnet in yellow gold setting is a very popular choice for a ring. It speaks of wealth, prosperity and luck. A green garnet ring combined with diamonds is exquisitely breathtaking. Such a ring is sure to be an eye catcher and can rival that of any emerald ring. Of course women who love silver or white gold will not be disappointed in a green garnet ring either. These rings are absolutely stunning in their brilliance.

Garnet is the birthstone for January and the gem for Aquarius. You can give a green garnet ring for a birthday gift. It is also a good choice for February. Garnets are also the appropriate gift for a 2nd year wedding anniversary. A green garnet ring for such a special occasion would be loved and cherished for years to come. If you are a man shopping for a green garnet ring, your 2nd year anniversary is an excellent time to give it, especially if your wife’s birthday is in January or February. Green garnet rings may be rich in history but they are sold at affordable prices. A green garnet ring will hold its high aesthetic value, making it a great alternative to expensive gems such as emeralds.

With such value and beauty along with affordable prices is it any wonder that green garnet rings have become some of the most popular gemstone rings today? When shopping for these rings you will find a wide variety of styles and designs online. You can also find green garnet rings at local fine jewelry stores. You may be able to buy yours at a discount if you take your time and shop around for them online.

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