Green Jade

Jade is a beautiful stone used to create jewelry and other artistic pieces. The stone itself is valued for both its utility as well as its beauty. Green jade gets its stunning green color from the chromium that is present in the stone. The color is typically referred to as imperial jade and resembles an emerald green in color. Green jade is very rare and is often very expensive due to its rarity. It can in fact, be one of the most expensive gemstones available. Green jade is typically translucent and is used to create stunning rings, necklaces and earrings as well as other jewelry pieces. Green jade comes in a number of different color hues and depending on the hue, can be more or less expensive than other stones.

Imperial green jade is the most intense and saturated color. This is the rarest of all jade colors. Lighter color ranges include canary and spring green jade. Apple green is another color hue and one that is very popular for use in jewelry. This is one of the most desirable of all colors of jade and is a beautiful, translucent green.

Jade itself has appeared throughout history in different cultures and is best known as the stone of China. Jade has been evident in China and used for creating art and jewelry for more than 7,000 years. Carvings have been made with green jade and are revered for their beauty. Emerald green jade has been historically valued and has been called the crystal form of moonlight. Jade has also been used widely in other countries such as America and Guatemala. Although rare, many have sought green jade for its beauty. Many areas of the world consider the green jade a gem of luck and protection. Many cultures feature amulets with green jade stones in the center that are thought to be protective figurines. Ancient Egyptians believed that green jade provided personal harmony and used it very commonly in art pieces and jewelry.

Today, green jade is still among the most desired stones in the world. The stunning color can be set in virtually any jewelry piece and when highlighted by other stones such as emeralds or white diamonds, green jade is a breathtaking stone. The actual value of green jade varies by region and by the history of the stone itself. If you are considering purchasing green jade, it is very important that you know how to determine whether the stone is real or not. There are many fabricated stones available that look like green jade but are much less valuable. Those looking to have jewelry made with the look of green jade but want to spare the expense, may find these fabricated stones well worth the price. Man-made or fabricated green jade is very affordable and can be purchased in a variety of settings. True or natural green jade on the other hand, is often very expensive but for those who want the real thing, the cost is justified.

Because of the different factors that must be considered when determining whether a stone is true green jade, it is highly recommended that green jade be purchased from a reputable dealer or jeweler. If you can appraise the stone correctly, you can determine for yourself whether a particular stone is truly green jade. If you are unfamiliar with appraisal techniques used to appraise green jade however, you may find that it is very difficult to tell the difference between true green jade and other, less valuable stones. Whether you purchase real green jade or a fabricated version, the stone itself is a beautiful piece and makes a wonderful choice for rings, pendants and earrings. When set in white gold or sterling silver, green jade is an exceptional piece.

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