Green Tourmaline Pendant

Tourmaline is a semi precious stone that comes in a variety of species and colors. It is a crystal silicate material that can be compounded with elements such as; potassium, lithium, iron, aluminum, sodium, and magnesium. These different minerals result in a vast array of shades and values among the different types of tourmaline.

The word tourmaline originates in the Sri Lankan language of Sinhalese. In Singhalese it was called “thuramali” or “thoramalli” which means “stone attracting ash.” The Dutch originally used the stones to remove ash from their tobacco pipes. Tourmaline is also the traditional gift for an 8th wedding anniversary.


From Sri Lanka, the gem was transported by the Dutch East India Company. It was also a popular gym to be mined in the state of California during the early 1900’s. Today, tourmaline is found in all corners of the globe; from Pakistan and Afghanistan, to Brazil and Africa. In Egypt, the variety of colors was explained in a tale. It was believed that on its way from the center of the Earth, tourmaline crossed the path of a rainbow. From this rainbow it got its amazing array of colors.

Purchasing Green Tourmaline Pendant

Tourmaline itself comes in many species, each with its variety of colors. Green tourmaline is a variation of the Elbaite species of tourmaline. This species was named for the Italian island Elba. The common type of green tourmaline is called verdelite, or the Brazilian emerald.

Chrome tourmaline is a highly valued type of this gem. The color variation is caused by small amounts of chrome. It is commonly found near the country of Tanzania and is similar in shade to an emerald.

The cut of green tourmaline can have a great effect on its color. This is because the color is determined by the way that the crystal has grown. When tourmaline is cut, the alignment with the axis changes the color drastically. Great care is taken to select the appropriate cuts so that the resulting color is desirable. Cutting it into a rectangular shape is common. When worn as a pendant, it may also be found in an irregular shape that was chosen not for its uniformity but for the brilliant color it enhanced.

Healing Properties of Green Tourmaline
Tourmaline has a long history in the Eastern Indian country of Sri Lanka. In ancient times the stone was commonly used to provide insight. It was believed that tourmaline had the power to increase the mental clarity of its user and would assist them with making decisions.

Tourmaline has magnetic properties which make it popular among metaphysical practitioners. In fact, is thought to be able to repel danger. Another facet of its magnetic properties gives it the power to attract love and friendship.

Green tourmaline specifically, has its own set of healing properties. When worn by a male, it is thought to increase physical endurance. It is also used to treat the immune system and issues with the eyes. Wearing a green tourmaline pendant is believed to provide a unique connection with the plant kingdom and allow the wearer to see with their heart. Among metaphysical practitioners, the healing energy from a green tourmaline pendant is described as “intense.”

Caring for Your Green Tourmaline Pendant
Tourmaline is rated as a 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This score is defined as a relatively durable stone. Your green tourmaline pendant can be removed from its chain or cord and cleaned with warm soapy water. Mild cleansers can also be used and it may be scrubbed with brush to remove dirt from the setting as well.

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