Gucci Women’s Watches

Branded watches have consistently been the fundamental luxury icon for the good part of last century, and are still part of an ever growing fad. It is perhaps ambiguous to blatantly refer to them as mere timepieces, since luxury watches, like that of Gucci – also convey strong fashion statements and are often considered as a type of wrist jewelry for men and women. Usually more popular amongst men, branded watches are frequently seen on slender female wrists as well. Although it is more conventional for women to resort to bangles and beads, brand watches are also becoming a more popular option for outgoing confident women, and are gradually making their way into the category of chic elegant and formal jewelry.

An elegant brand wristwatch not only fits into expensive parties and gatherings of high-end nature but also formal occasions like board meetings and conferences. An extravagant sapphire or emerald bracelet makes one elegant and lavish, while luxury watches convey not only her consciousness of style but a woman’s sense of punctuality, discipline, attention to details or even her affinity towards work and career. Gucci is one such fashion brand. This Italian fashion label is owned by a French company. The ninety-year-old company has long been the pioneers of exclusive leather goods and fashion wear, while many have labeled their exclusive line of watches as exclusive. Gucci has an extensive line of products under its belt for men and women, and recently, they have decided to open up a children’s line as well. The range of products include clothing, handbags, belts, sunglasses, jewelry, perfumes, hats and gloves, ties, wallets and watches – and is a renowned fashion label amongst the female community. The strong presence in almost all fashion alleys have thus made Gucci a forerunner of quality and exclusivity, and it’s no different for the exclusive line of Gucci women watches.

Owning a product with the famous double G logo is bound to attract instant attention and envy from onlookers. Gucci watches are no exception to this. Gucci has reaffirmed their position in the market amongst other brands like Rolex, Pierre Cardin and Montblanc through ensuring durability, style and precision. Gucci brand of watches feature several exquisite lines under its belt. Gucci watches for women are available in stainless steel, silver and gold, while the more exuberant pieces are studded with precious or semi-precious stones. The lines include Gucci Chiodo, Gucci Signoria, G Marina Chain, Gucci 102 G, Gucci 103 Horsebit, Gucci 110, Gucci 111, Gucci G-Class, G-Frame, G-Gucci, G-line, G-Timeless, I-Gucci, Gucci 112 Twirl, Gucci Tornabuoni and so on. All these watch lines are unique in their own style and design. The Tornabuoni watches are sophisticated and feminine in their rectangular shape with diamonds studded in the quarter hours, a stainless steel case with black dials. The Gucci 112 Twirl Women’s Watch features Swiss quartz movement and a rotating case, with the Gucci logo inscribed on the back of the case. The Gucci Signoria is water-resistant and comes in a diamond bezel case with black leather belt and square mother-of-pearl dial. TheI-Gucci is high on performance with its Swiss multifunctional digitization. The G-Frame comes with a stainless steel case and sapphire crystals. The G-Timeless also comes with stainless steel case studded with diamonds and mother-of-pearl dial. The Gucci 102 G is the ultimate luxury watch for women shopping with large credit card limits. The G shaped bezel with glittering diamonds and lustrous steel case are enough to create the fashion buzz.

Gucci displays a fashion statement unlike any other, and their line of exclusive luxury watches for women definitely notches up as one of the most exclusive in the industry. Given the affinity of women towards Gucci, it’s not hard to see why some of the watches are best sellers amongst its category.

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