Hair Jewelry

Jewelry and beautiful ornaments are most typically worn on the body, although there are also various forms of hair jewelry. It does not specifically matter what type of hair or haircut you have, whether it be long, short, medium, thin, thick or curly, you will find that there are some wonderful items of hair jewelry to suit you. This type of jewelry is generally worn on special occasions that may include weddings, engagements, or any other formal gathering. The most popular items of hair jewelry will include tiaras, barrettes, clips, headbands, vines, combs, hairpins, clamps and sticks.

Hair jewelry can be worn by a woman of any age or profession, and it is known to be extremely comfortable and will come in various styles. You will also notice that the vast majority of hair jewelry will be extremely unique, distinct and indeed valuable. Should you be planning to attend a special occasion such as a marriage ceremony, bridal party, anniversary or even a New Year’s Eve party, you will find that certain items of hair jewelry will simply enhance your make up and overall look.

Hair jewelry also has a fairly historical significance. It was extremely popular during the 16th century and many stories lead back to King Christian IV of Denmark, gifting his queen with various items of hair jewelry. Ever since, this specific type of jewelry is believed to indicate both love and affection. Hair jewelry was known to be extremely expensive, and when you consider some of the precious metals it is made from, this is no surprise.

Hair jewelry will typically be made from gold, silver, Crystal, pearls and many other precious stones. They will yield an extremely beautiful, but yet natural look. Many famous people in history are known to have used hair jewelry and these include Admiral Nelson, Queen Victoria and many members of her family, Napoleon, Christina Nilssen, Jenny Lind and many others. In centuries gone by, however, hair jewelry was only ever generally bought and gifted by the wealthy and well off.

One of the most popular forms of hair jewelry will typically encompass Swarovski crystal. Swarovski is known to have an extremely unique design and any items of jewelry should perfectly complement your hair, no matter what your hairstyle is. Many brides have chosen to wear Swarovski tiaras at their wedding as they are known to be exceptionally beautiful. There are many brand names that are known to produce hair jewelry items such as HairZing, Hairdreams, Bel Aire, Lady2B, Glitzy Secrets and even Amazon and eBay. These brands will produce hair jewelry in many different designs, patterns, sizes and indeed prices. You may even find certain hair ornaments that have been specifically crafted from wood. Wooden items of hair jewelry will generally include hair sticks, hairpins and hair combs.

Some of the most beautiful items of hair jewelry will be specifically handcrafted. These are specifically made to suit your own particular style and fashion and also designed to hold your hair in place. This may include wearing a designer hair comb, which can then be paired with a scrunchie. In actual fact, jewelry is not merely for your own personal taste and is known to make an excellent gift.

There are various renowned designers who have produced some beautiful items of hair jewelry. One of the most famous is Jaime Byrd who has been specifically crafting various hair accessories since the early 1920s. Many of Jaime’s best designs have been seen in movies, hairstyles, and shows around the world. She initially started out by simply making French Barrettes, although over time she has created one of the largest markets of designer hair jewelry. Jaime has many items of jewelry that are in great demand and these include wedding jewelry, antique jewelry, Victorian jewelry, bridal jewelry, art nouveau jewelry, prom jewelry, Edwardian jewelry and many others. The vast majority of her hair jewelry is made from some extremely expensive materials which include Swarovski Austrian crystals and numerous precious gemstones.

Hair Jewelry also has a completely different meaning to many people in years gone by. There were specific items of jewelry that were made from actual locks of human hair. This type of jewelry was especially popular during the 19th century and was typically worn to remember a loved one who had passed away. In fact this version of hair jewelry was not just produced from the hair on your head, and often nasal hair or even hair from horses was used. This practice is still actually being used to this very day and there are many beautiful items of jewelry that have been produced from strands of hair. Horse hair jewelry is typically custom-made and believe it or not, certain items such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings and brooches are often made via this method.

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