Handmade Gemstone Earrings

Whether suspended in a hoop of hammered metal, or stacked with other gems. There are an endless amount of combinations for gemstone earrings. Handmade gemstone earrings are available in a variety of stones and designs. There is literally a pair that suits every occasion. An added bonus of buying a handmade item is that your earrings will be unique.

The value of your handmade gem earrings will be based on the gems used metal of the setting, and also the craftsmanship. If an artist creates an intricate design with quality materials, expect to pay an appropriate price. Precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies, are not commonly used in handmade jewelry. Instead, semi precious gemstones are used in combination with precious metals to make earrings. These semi precious stones include; quartz, topaz, tourmaline, onyx, lapis lazuli, and jasper. Each gem has its own benefits and properties that it brings to a design. They should be selected with care and researched when purchasing a design. This will help you to choose the best pair of earrings and also determine the appropriate price. Onyx is a deep black stone. It is a popular choice for jewelry since black is easily matched to a wardrobe. Onyx can be confused with agate; they are similar stones with the only difference being their luster. Stones with more lusters are called onyx and those that are duller are referred to as agate.

Tourmaline is available in a variety of colors. Made of crystal minerals, it also contains other elements which provide a variety of colors. Color of tourmaline ranges from gold to green and shades of red. Quartz is a very popular material for handmade earrings. It is widely available in different cuts and sizes. This gives artisans a wide variety of design applications. The most popular form of quartz is amethyst. Known for its deep purple color, the amethyst has been a favored gem of royalty for centuries. It has a rich history full of myth and lore; it is also known for its healing properties. Most popularly, its ability to prevent intoxication. Purple is a versatile color and a great addition to a piece of jewelry. Other forms of quartz include smoky, rose quartz, and citrine. All offer a durable gem with a color range sure to satisfy. Another popular choice for handmade earrings is Swarovski crystals. Swarovski is the standard of fashionable beads. Since 1895, the company has revolutionized the crystal industry and continues to develop new cuts.

To ensure safety, verify that all components of the earring are made of metals that are free from lead.

The style of earring can vary from a simple stud post to intricate filigree metal work in a hoop. Studs are a common way to use gems on a handmade earring. They are easily set and are available in a variety of shapes. Drop earrings are another popular design; they are more intricate than a stud and may be made of one or more gems. With a hook as a base, stones are arranged with spacers in between to make the desired look. Multistrand designs are a variation of the drop design. They include separate strings of stones that are grouped together to form an s ingle strand or left to dangle on their own. Chandelier style earrings are suspended by a piece of metal to make the triangular shape of a chandelier. The stones are then set on the bottom layer.

The type of metal and gem used to make your earrings will vary. Therefore, the care directions will also be varied. However, many gems can be cleaned with warm soapy water. Avoid harsh cleaners, especially with handmade jewelry. The earrings may contain components that are simply plated gold; certain chemicals in commercial cleaners could tarnish them. Since your earrings are handmade, you will also want to take care to store them carefully. If they come lose, contact the artisan or take to a jeweler for repair.

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