Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

If you’re looking to buy Handmade Gemstone Jewelry, you’ve landed on the right website. Handmade gemstone jewelry is one of the purest and most elegant forms of jewelry you can buy, and is made from natural gemstones like turquoise, carnelian, amazonite, chalcedony, coral, pearls and amethyst. More exotic pearls are sometimes used, including African opals, Peruvian pink and blue opals, different rare jaspers and agates.

As you may know, handmade gemstone jewelry is widely available in hundreds of different styles, and it’s natural for you to wonder in the back of your mind, “ is it worth it?, will it fit, is it good quality”. These questions are natural to wonder, and unfortunately there are no shortcuts to get round these. The best way to find out whether someone will like a product, if of course to show it to them first, but this can ruin a surprise if that’s what you were planning on doing.

Different types of handmade gemstone jewelry
When the term ‘handmade gemstone jewelry’ is brought up, many people still think of colorful and quite tacky pieces of jewelry. Handmade gemstone jewelry is not like this, and the jewelry maker will use a combination of light color with the correct metals and materials, to create a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Pendants often include gemstones, and the type of gem usually depends on the color of the materials used to make the rest of the piece. For instance, if gold is used for the main base of the pendant, emerald is a popular choice of gem to use with the piece. Similarly, if the main item is silver, a ruby or jasper is a common choice of gem to go alongside it.

Jewelry made with amber gives of a fantastic persona. Amber makes the piece of jewelry look great, and sets a sort of molten lava effect. As it is translucent, people often place small items or inscriptions inside the actually amber gem, but this can be very costly. Amber items of jewelry will usually be earnings, necklaces or occasionally rings.

The Jasper gem alongside with rich gold, can make a fantastic necklace or bracelet. The two colors compliment each other, and both are bold, meaning neither takes precedence from the other. Usually, necklaces of bracelets made with gold and Jasper, will have the Jasper on a small pendant attached to the metal, or else entwined with the design.

Another very popular combination is silver and amethyst. This is a commonly used set by jewelry makers, as they know both types go very well together. Usually in the form of earnings or necklaces, the silver will form the bulk of the piece, whilst the amethyst gently compliments the silver and completes the piece.

How to pick the perfect handmade gemstone jewelry
Picking the correct handmade gemstone jewelry can seem a daunting to task to even to most experience jewelry enthusiasts. With a wide range to choose from, and so many different gems available on the jewelry, it can quickly become confusing and you can loose track of where you are. To start with, decide upon a budget. Handmade gemstone jewelry can range from a few dollars, up to a few thousand dollars, so setting yourself a budget will help you stay on track from the start. The next thing to think about, is whether you are fussed which gemstone you want. If you want a particular gemstone, then that narrows your search down a lot, but many people want to browse the full range of jewelry, and don’t settle on looking for one type of gemstone. Once you have decided your parameters, you can start to shopping.

If you are torn between different models, a good thing to do is to pick four of five models you like, and compare them alongside each other. Compare the price, the color, the practicality of the item, compare the metals used, and even where the item is being shipped from. This is very useful when trying to decide which piece to purchase.

Additional benefits of using the internet to purchase handmade gemstone jewelry
There are hundreds of advantages of shopping on the internet for handmade gemstone jewelry, but there are a few key important ones. The large range or products is a huge benefit from shopping in conventional jewelry shops. On the internet, if a shop has nothing you like, you simply click the back button and go in another, whilst in real life you would have to physically travel. Online shops carry many more models than physical shops do, because they have the space to do so.

On the internet you can get instant access to jewelry companies around the world. This allows you to browse through different styles of jewelry according to country, and can give you so much more choice than just using your local shops.

Whatever your budget, whatever your preferences, we hope this guide has been a help to you. Feel free to get into direct contact if you have any questions or need help, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Remember, buying handmade gemstone jewelry is not something you can rush into, and it is better to take your time rather than to rush around achieving nothing. If you do get stuck, seek professional help, or head down to a local jewelry store for some professional advice.

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