Herringbone Bracelet

It seems we have all heard the term ‘herringbone’ chain, and a few of us may even recognize what it looks like. However, the vast majority of consumers wouldn’t recognize a herringbone bracelet without understanding what the chain looks like. The best way to describe it is that it is generally comprised of two slanted rows of flat links, woven together very closely so that no space is seen in between. The slant is angled in altering directions row after row.

What Materials Can a Herringbone Bracelet be Made From?
One of the really great things about a herringbone bracelet is that it doesn’t necessarily need to be fashioned from metal links. Although it is most commonly found fashioned from 14k or 18k gold (in any color) or in sterling silver, platinum and other precious and semi precious metals, there are variations of a herringbone bracelet made from beads while others are a form of macramé knots. In every case, each is slightly different and all are appealing in varying ways.

Silver, Gold & Platinum Herringbone Bracelet
Because metal herringbone chains are formed of flat links, ultra close together, it is very easy to ‘finish’ the chain with a number of special cuts or finishes. One of the most enchanting herringbone bracelet styles is when the metal has been finished with a diamond cut which gives it a sparkle as if gems have been set in the metal. Most common finishes would be satin, often called matte, high polish, brushed or hammered – each giving a totally different effect when finished. Quite often a brushed finish is used as well because it gives the herringbone bracelet an almost texturized appearance.

Some Unique Variations of a Herringbone Bracelet
There are some interesting variations of herringbone bracelets, one of which is a five row herringbone chain that gives an appearance of almost being braided. Another lovely variation is a combination of a rope chain attached with a herringbone chain to from a double stranded bracelet. And, one of the loveliest of all would be the pavé diamond cut 18k gold herringbone bracelet where the pavé cut is so precise that it gives off the radiance of little diamonds throughout the chain.

Price Structure of Herringbone Bracelets

As in any other piece of jewelry, a herringbone bracelet will be priced on the type of materials from which it is fashioned along with craftsmanship, and in some cases price may be influenced by the name of a top designer. However, on the whole, the type of metal usually is the biggest determinant in pricing. Obviously platinum and 18k gold would be much more costly than 14k gold or sterling silver; the more precious the metal, the higher the cost. Then there is the weight to be considered whereas a chain with a width of 2mm would not cost as much as one that had a width of 5mm. Fancy cuts and finishes may also increase the final cost as well because it is more labor intensive.

Most often a herringbone bracelet is worn alone without any adornments such as charms hanging from it, but it is not unheard of for finer width bracelets to bear charms. Actually, herringbone bracelets tend to be worn with other bracelets as well if greater embellishments are desired, so it is not uncommon to see a rope, a herringbone and perhaps a Figaro chain all being worn on the same wrist. Men and women can wear a herringbone bracelet equally well; however, women often wear finer widths (but not always!) One of the best places to find a quality herringbone bracelet would be online as there are significant numbers of merchants who offer reduced prices due to lower overhead involved.

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