Herringbone Chain Necklaces

A herringbone chain necklace is a very attractive piece of jewelry. Whether you are looking for a new piece of jewelry for yourself, or you want to purchase a gift for someone special in your life, a herringbone chain necklace is a great choice.

What is a Herringbone Chain Necklace?
A herringbone chain necklace is a piece of jewelry that features individual links. The links are all attached to each other to create a beautiful looking necklace. A herringbone chain necklace can be skinny or thick. Depending on the size of the necklace, a herringbone chain necklace can be worn individually, or multiple ones can be worn at the same time to create a layering effect.

What Types of Herringbone Chain Necklaces are Available?

Because of their popularity, there are a wide variety of herringbone chain necklaces available. To understand the different types that are available, it’s easiest to get a grasp on the different characteristics of herringbone chain necklaces.

The first differing characteristic of herringbone chain necklaces is what they are made from. A herringbone chain necklace can be made from sterling silver, as well as white or yellow gold. If a necklace is made from white or yellow gold, it can be 14k, 18k or 22k gold.

The next factor that will make a herringbone chain necklace unique is how thick it is. A herringbone chain necklace can be as thin as 2mm, while a very thick one can be 9mm wide.

Another difference between herringbone chain necklaces is how the links are attached to each other. The most common style is for the links to be aligned with each other in a flush manner. However, there are also herringbone chain necklaces that feature twisted links, as well as necklaces that feature braided links.

Finally, herringbone chain necklaces vary in their length. The majority of herringbone necklaces are between sixteen and twenty-eight inches in length. The middle of a sixteen inch necklace will hang around the collarbone, while the middle of a twenty-eight inch necklace will hang around the middle of the chest. When multiple necklaces are worn at once, they are normally of different lengths, such as wearing 16, 20 and 28 inch necklaces at the same time.

How Much Do Herringbone Chain Necklaces Cost?
Nice herringbone chain necklaces start around $40. Between $40 and $200, most herringbone chain necklaces will either be made from sterling silver or feature a chain that is plated with gold.

Once you start looking above $200, you will start finding many options that are made from gold. The higher you go on the price scale, the more gold will be featured in the design. A top of the line herringbone chain necklace can cost between one and two thousand dollars.

Shopping for Herringbone Chain Necklaces Online
Whether you just want to browse or you are ready to make a purchase, the Internet is a great place to look at herringbone chain necklaces. To begin with, you can browse and shop on your own schedule. You can also shop in the comfort of your own home. And instead of dealing with a pesky salesman constantly annoying you, you can do your shopping in a relaxed environment.

In addition to being less of a hassle than shopping at a store, shopping online also allows you to make a more informed decision. Not only can you read about each necklace you are looking at, but you can also read reviews from other people who have already purchased the necklaces you are interested in buying. This will ensure that you make a well-informed decision and end up with a great herringbone chain necklace.

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