Hoop Earrings with Diamonds

It doesn’t matter how fashion trends in jewelry go in and out of style, one type of earring that has never lost favor is hoop diamond earrings. Large, medium or small hoops, they are among the most popular earrings of all time. While there are simple silver, gold or platinum hoop earrings that can be worn for casual wear, nothing is as lovely as hoop diamond earrings, in any of the precious metals. It’s a matter of matching your other jewelry.

The Advent of the Hoop Earring Craze

During the late 1960’s there was a popular singing duo, Sonny and Cher who gained almost instant notoriety and even had their own weekly variety show where they featured various artists and themselves did a standup comic routine. That’s where large gold and diamond hoop earrings really hit the market. That was one of her early trademarks with her stunning long straight black hair. They gave her an almost ‘gypsy like’ appearance. It wasn’t long before every girl in the Western world was sporting long straight hair and gold hoop diamond earrings.

Pave Hoop Diamond Earrings

Although they may be a bit pricier, pave hoop diamond earrings are all the trend at the moment. Normally they are small huggie hoops or medium hoops that have been set with diamonds so closely together it resembles a cobblestone walk. This technique of setting stones is used so that the brilliance of each stone magnifies the other. Very little metal shows through and what you get is a superb radiance. These hoop diamond earrings are wonderful for dressier or more formal occasions.

Hoop Earrings in Vermeil with Diamond Rims

Lovely gold and silver vermeil hoop earrings with diamond rims are among the trendiest at the moment. Quite often the hoop is done in lattice work or filigree with diamonds lining the rims on either side. These earrings are absolutely feminine and exquisite to be worn with formal wear. Most fine jewelers carry hoop earrings in vermeil with diamond rims, but the vermeil may also be gold and platinum as well as silver and platinum. In either case, this is a pair of earrings to be treasured.

Wavy Hoop Earrings with Diamonds

Although hoops obviously need to ‘hoop’ the earlobe, the hoop itself can be wavy. Hoop hearings in gold with rhodium that have been set with diamonds are quite unusual looking and draw immediate attention. Hourglass scrolled silhouettes with accents in diamonds and a snap bar closure are extremely attractive. The diamond accents frame the rims on the front while the center filigree is in gold with the rims worked in rhodium for strength. Generally a reasonable price for an earring like this would be in the vicinity of $100. It depends of course on the weight of the diamonds and the amount of gold in the setting.

Hoop diamond earrings of any size are not only in style now, but will remain fashionable for years to come. They can be set with diamond accents (often referred to as chips) or with cut diamonds. Earrings of this type can be quite reasonably priced or they can be quite expensive. Several trendy designers have hoop diamond earrings in their collections, which of course would garner a higher asking price based on the popularity of the designer. Hoops don’t need to be entirely round either. They can tend toward oval or can be wavy as well since the wire that goes through the pierce is always smooth. One thing is for certain in any case. You have a better chance of finding reasonable or discounted pricing online as there more options to choose from.

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