Initial Rings for Women

Initial rings for women are a classic style of ring that is also referred to as monogram rings. Women who are fashion conscious love to have their own initial ring in their collection. Initial rings are elegant and beautiful rings that can be engraved and have a woman’s own personal initial on them. The focal point of the ring is the initial. These rings come set in an array of materials and you will find them in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some initial rings will be sleek and thin in appearance and others will be thick and chunky and have a block design.

You can find initial rings for women that will have small stone embellishments but most will just have the focal point be the initial in the middle of the ring. They are made with different styles of monograms. You will be sure to find one that matches your own individual personality and style. If you are buying an initial ring for a friend or loved one you should consider their personality and style before making your selection.

Most initial rings for women have a thin band that widens in the top center. This allows room for the initial to be engraved on. The materials used to make these rings are either yellow or white gold, sterling silver, platinum, gold plated, or palladium. Sometimes you will find a heart shaped surface for the initial but the initials are usually placed on a circle or oval surface. There are different styles that depart from the basic design however. For instance, some of them will have a band with scalloped edges and the initial on top. Others may be designed with an intricate pattern that is cut from the base down each side and around the band. Then again, there are still other initial rings for women that have a cut letter soldered onto the top of the band, instead of engraved into it.

You’ll find that initial rings for women come in various fonts or texts. Some jewelers give you the option of what font to use. Keep in mind, the more difficult it is for the jeweler to do a particular font means that it can raise the price of the ring considerably. Block lettering may be popular but it may be too masculine for some women. Most women prefer cursive lettering which gives the ring a more feminine appearance. You can find initial rings for women that have the first initial, last initial, and middle initial where the middle initial is located in the center on top when the lettering is cursive. Greek initials are also popular amongst women. The initial rings for women that have Greek lettering are often used for initial rings associated with sororities.

Another type of lettering used is the interlocking script. These are more elaborate and give an even more feminine appearance than cursive. With interlocking script you can also get monograms with the first, last and middle initial. You’ll also find rounded lettering used in initial rings for women. Since there are so many styles to select from you can narrow down your shopping excursion for these rings by keeping your tastes and style in mind.

There are many online jewelry stores that offer simple, elegant fonts for female initial rings. Some may only have one font to pick from, and one band style, but the ring will be considerably less expensive that way. The more selection or choices a jeweler gives you, the more you can expect to pay for initial rings for women. If you shop with a jeweler that only gives you only one choice you’ll find the rings are a lot less expensive. Look for these rings online and in fine jewelry stores everywhere.

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