Jade Bracelets

Your search for an eye catching jade bracelet has rightly landed you at the right website. The jade bracelet that you had dreamed of wearing on your wrist has been elusive for different reason but not any more now. You will be able to buy or shall we say gift yourself with a real eye catching Jade Bracelet at a price that will surly make few jaws drop. Original jade is a precious stone and no wonder you can’t be expected to buy from any one unless you can be assured of right quality at right price. You are indeed at the right place to buy your all-time favorite Jade Bracelet and that to within your budget.

Jade Bracelet to Enhance your Looks
Jade bracelet is indeed a possession worth craving for. Perhaps a little show off wearing your favorite jade bracelet is humane. Since ages jade stone has been precious stone to most of the societies. There are two variants of jade stone namely the Nephrite and Jadeite. They have different chemical composition but primarily belong to the same gem stone family. The higher the iron content higher will be the green color of the gem stone. And a designer bracelet with the green glow of the precious jade is for sure will turn few heads.

To provide you with genuine jade bracelets a lot of screening is done and only after a thorough examination our in house experts select the best of the Jade stone to be used in the jade bracelets. This ensures that you get the best and flaw less jade stone which will make your jade bracelet not just an ornament in your wardrobe but your favorite one. Finding the flawless jade stone and that to at the right price can be a daunting task but we make that very simple for you by providing all the support that you might require in purchasing your favorite bracelet. Our in house designers design the trendiest as well the exquisite designs of bracelet so that they are sure to attract attention. We are confident that you will find your ever wanting Jade bracelet and without making hole in the pocket.

Jade Stone and Chinese beliefs
There is a saying in China that unpolished Jade never shines which indicate that one cannot be useful and a favorite of all unless educated. Jade was symbolic of love, honor and conviction. It was believed that jade was the symbol of most expensive gem stones. It is believed that the value of an exquisite jade stone is more than fifteen cities and a man’s life. In China war was fought between Qin state and Zhao state over the Jade stone Heshi Bi. Hence no wonder Chinese have special relation to Jade stone. It is believed that Jade Stone is piece of heaven sent to earth for those who have been sent here on earth and is deprived of the luxuries of the heaven. It considered with conviction that Jade stone is a link between heaven and earth. No wonder you would love and crave to wear such a precious stone in your bracelets. Chinese people believed that jade stone is the bridge to immortality. And no wonder gold was in second place and Jade was given to the winner. It is said gold has a price but jade is priceless.

Taking Good Care of Your Jade Bracelet
Now that you decided to own the exquisite piece of bracelet you ought to be taking good care of the same. Jade stone is hard but doesn’t mean it can be knocked as it might scratch the surface causing abrasion which will reduce the luster of the stone. Since you will be wearing the bracelet on your wrists extra care is to be needed against accidental knocking against metal surfaces. More over should be kept away from corrosive material and while working with hazardous chemicals it necessary that the bracelet be taken off so as to avoid exposure.

There are certain aspects that you need to consider before you won a jade bracelet. Although today diamonds are considered more expensive but jade still a place of its own and Jade stone carved articles are still a collector’s item. Before you buy a jade bracelet you should take pain to learn and appreciate the gem stone and its luster. We take pain in selecting the jade stones so that they don’t have inside cracks and also air bubbles are not visible.

Purchasing a jade bracelet is just the half of the task of owning eye catching bracelet. We ensure that you get the best deal and design of Jade bracelet. You would be expected to take good care of the Bracelet so as to preserve it as favorite piece of jewelry.

Protect your jade bracelet from dust and grease. If you need to wash the bracelet use mild soap and immediately wipe it clean of water. If you are not using the bracelet daily best store it in a protective casing so as to prevent any accidental damage to the bracelet. In case if you are wearing your bracelet daily then you will be required to occasionally clean the bracelet so to protect it from perspiration. While cleaning use a soft cloth to rub of the perspiration or any other stains. Always try to avoid exposing your jade bracelet to sun light for long hours. Also it should be noted that jade stone has certain amount of moisture content hence should be exposed to certain environment which excessive dry as it may damage the quality of the stone.

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