Jaeger LeCoultre Watches

Some of the finest quality time pieces in the world are made in Switzerland, such as Jaeger LeCoultre. This company was founded in Le Sentier, Switzerland in 1833 by Antoine LeCoultre. Over the years, LeCoultre developed various technologies for clocks and watches, and won a gold medal at the first Universal Exhibition held in London. The brand became Jaeger LeCoultre in 1903 when a French watchmaker named Edmond Jaeger paired with LeCoultre to produce the most innovative watches of their time. Jaeger signed a contract to make watches for Cartier, and LeCoultre became the producer of those watches.

Today, the company is still headquartered in Switzerland. They offer luxury timepieces to customers all over the world. Their website is available in several different languages. On the website you can learn more about the company, view a live web cam and look at each piece in the collection. There are many Jaeger LeCoultre watches from which you can choose, as you will see when you check out their site. The first in the collection is the Reverso Grande GMT. This watch is crafted from leather and stainless steel, and has a date display, display for a second time zone on the back and a 8-day power reserve.

The Duometre range contains watches that feature dual-wing technology. This technology uses two power reserves, one which powers time measurement only and the other which handles the other functions. There are many other ranges in the collection of Jaeger LeCoultre watches, some of which include categories like the Master Grand Tradition, Master Control, AMVOX, Haute Joaillerie, Horological Excellence and several others. Under each of these main categories are several different watches to choose from, so you have a large selection.

Because of the high quality and price of these watches, you are not going to find them for sale just anywhere. You can buy them online, amazingly at sites like Amazon and Overstock, however many people choose to buy Jaeger LeCoultre watches in person at a specialty boutique because of the high price. It is not uncommon for one of these watches to cost well above $5,000. For that kind of money, you will probably want to look at the watch in person, try it on, speak to a sales associate about its features — not to mention the issue of having such a valuable item shipped in the mail.

Perhaps the most expensive of all Jaeger LeCoultre watches available is the Gyroturbillon. This time piece is approximately $405,000. There are only 75 of these watches in the world, which is one reason the price is so high. Features include a platinum case and leather strap. The perpetual calendar shows the time, date, year, leap and equation of time. This time piece has an 8 day power reserve, a ruthenium dial, and a clear back to the case which allows you to view the incredible mechanics. Although most people aren’t going to own one of these, some can splurge on one of the other fabulous watches from Jaeger LeCoultre.

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