Journey Pendant

Love, real love, is a journey that transcends time and space. There may be rough patches along the way, but love conquers all as it winds its way through hills and valleys, protecting the heart in violent summer storms and warming it throughout frigid winter evenings. Nothing gets in the way of love for any length of time as it just keeps forging ahead growing stronger by the day and the beauty of it all is that there is no end to this journey called love. This is the symbolism of a journey pendant and the reason why they have become so popular in recent years.

Classic Journey Pendant
The classic pendant generally consists of 7, 9 or 11 diamonds on a wavy bar, progressing from the smallest cut stone at the top of the pendant to the largest at the bottom, or nearest the heart. The waves on the pendant signify twists, turns and bumps along the way while the diamonds stand for a love that is ‘impenetrable’ in its hard resolve to conquer obstacles in its path.

Love Down the Straight and Narrow
There is a variation of the journey bar pendant that is straight. Again the stones are graduated from smallest to largest, but the significance here is that love is a straight and narrow path that has one destination – that of the other. Love’s journey begins in time but it continues pushing forward growing bigger and brighter along the way as the two journeys join and become one to amplify and glorify all that the heart has to hold.

Eternal Journey Pendant
An eternal journey pendant is a circle that knows no beginning and has no end. This type of pendant often has diamonds framing the entire perimeter, while other times there are the traditional 7, 9 or 11 stones beginning at the top apex and then circling down and around getting bigger as they go. Some eternal journey pendants are circles within circles like a spiral – still with no beginning and no end signifying the eternal nature of love.

Contemporary Heart Journey Pendant
One of the more recent variations is a heart pendant with the stones set to one side. The smallest of diamonds is set where the heart joins at the center top and they get progressively larger as they frame one side or other of the heart. Sometimes a heart journey pendant is offered as a token of promise for a future journey, sort of like a promise ring in a pendant, as opposed to the traditional journey pendant that signifies the journey that has already begun.

Symbolism of Diamonds in a Journey Pendant
Diamonds are the hardest natural substance known to man. A perfect diamond can cut through anything without itself being scratched or broken in the process. This is the perfect stone to signify a love that knows no end. There will undoubtedly be barriers along the way that need to be chipped away and obstacles that need to be cleared, but that is what a perfect diamond does. It cuts the clearest, straightest, finest line to get through to what awaits it on the other side.

Even if you lose your way from time to time and step off the path, love is there to call you back, shining through the darkness with the pure radiance of diamonds. This is what your journey pendant says each and every time you place it around your neck, close to your heart. Love is a path you walk together now as you have in the past and as you will continue to do forever – as love is an eternal journey.

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