Ladies Gold Watches

There are many options today when it comes to purchasing a ladies gold watch. While they were traditionally much smaller then men’s watches, this is simply not the case with today’s designs. Ladies gold watches come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. When choosing the best ladies gold watch, it typically comes down to personal style. You may find a smaller and more delicate watch that you like or you may prefer a larger and more durable one. Either way, you are going to find many choices regarding style and design.

When choosing gold, you will need to first determine the gold content that you want. Gold is made into jewelry in different karat weights. These run from 10K and 14K to 18K. While the 10K watches are made from real gold and are much more durable, they do not contain as much pure gold as an 18K choice. Of course, the 10K designs are also much less expensive in most cases. You may also find many styles in 22K or 24K although these are typically saved for special occasions. Because the content of pure gold is higher, they are not nearly durable enough for every day wear. The actual cost of your ladies gold watch will depend in several factors including where you purchase it, the karat weight of the gold, the actual design or style and the inclusion of any other adornments such as diamonds or other precious gemstones.

A ladies watch is considered to be a part of her jewelry wardrobe and many women own more than one gold watch. It is possible to have a different watch for every single outfit that you own, although most prefer only one watch or possibly two, one for casual wear and one for formal wear. A ladies gold watch is a very important accessory and when choosing it may be best to select a style that will match a wide variety of your outfits. This enables you to enjoy the same watch with different clothing.

When buying a new ladies gold watch, you will first need to determine your budget. If you find that you are running low on funds to purchase the watch, choosing 10K gold in a simple style is a good idea. 10K gold watches are very affordable as well as durable and can be found in many lovely designs. If you can afford a few adornments, diamonds and other gemstones make beautiful watches when set in yellow gold. Once you have determined your budget and have an idea of the price that you can afford you will need to select the style for your watch. You have many options from a variety of jewelry designers regarding style and shape. Choose one that fits your wrist comfortably and looks good with your normal attire. Round shaped watches are normally chosen for those who prefer a more formal or dainty approach to clothing. Square cased watches are normally purchased for men but there are many square watches available for women today as well.

You will also need to determine the specific band that your watch will have. It is important that you purchase a watch that has a good, sturdy band to lessen the risk of the band breaking and causing you to lose the watch. There are many band choices available and those made from gold make beautiful pieces and can be very durable again, depending on the karat weight of the gold that you choose. A 10K or 14K watch is a better choice for those who live a fairly active lifestyle as these are the most durable and will provide you with many years of use.

Once you have determined the overall style of ladies gold watch that you want and have an idea of your overall budget, you can begin looking at various jewelry stores offline and online to get an idea of the designs that are available to you.

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