Lapis Stones

Lapis, or lapis lazuli, is an amazing gemstone that is found in many pieces of jewelry. The stone is features a prominent blue color with gold hues from the pyrite contents in the stone. Many people describe the inclusions to provide a star-like appearance within the blue stone, almost like the look of the night sky in a way.

The History of the Lapis Stone
There is a very rich history for the lapis stone. For the past six millenniums, lapis stones have been used in pieces of jewelry and ornamental pieces. The popularity of the lapis stone increased tremendously during the 11th to 13th centuries. It became very popular in this time as it was used as a color pigment for paint. Lapis stones were used for tinting cloth materials at this time as well. To this day, the lapis stone is being used in many jewelry and ornamental pieces.

The Characteristics of the Lapis Stone
The main content in the lapis stone would have to be lazurite. Each stone will contain anywhere from 25% to 40% of this mineral. Lapis itself is not categorized as a mineral, but rather a rock, because of the fact that it contains a large amount of different minerals.

The color of the lapis stone is attributed to the mineral contents of it. Pyrite is the most effective contributor of color hues to the stone as it provides the noticeable golden colors in the stone. Most of these colors will be in random spots but some of the higher quality lapis stones will have a more appropriate distribution of the golden spots.

The lapis stone does not transmit or reflect light at all. The stone is said to have more oily and glassy qualities. The lapis stone is relatively soft with a hardness level between five and six Moh’s. Also, the lapis stone is very sensitive to high temperature, pressure, and chemical exposure.

Lapis Stones for Jewelry Use
Lapis stones are commonly used for jewelry purposes. The lapis stone can be found in many different styles of cuts and various shapes as well. This makes it a very versatile type of stone for jewelry use. one of the most common choices for lapis jewelry would have to be the lapis bead necklace. This consists of a necklace made with lapis stone beads. You can find many bracelets and rings that contain lapis stones as well. Also, ornamental art is a popular area for lapis stones to be used too.

The Meaning Behind the Lapis Stone
The lapis stone is often said to be symbolic of both friendship and honesty. It is believed that there are strengthening properties in this stone. It is often said that the lapis stone will improve your awareness, imagination, and make you more open-minded. It is also said that the stone has healing traits and can even strengthen your thyroid and help treat cases of insomnia and other sleeping problems.

The lapis stone is often given as a wedding anniversary gift. It is said that the 7th and 9th anniversaries are the years that the lapis stone is supposed to be given as a gift. Usually the stone is given in the form of actual jewelry though.

The lapis stone is one of the more interesting stones in the world as it has a rich history, deep meaning, and can be found in many jewelry pieces and ornamental objects to this day. There is a substantial amount of information available about the lapis stone online so you can fully inform yourself on it if you are interested in learning more. You may want to consider looking at online jewelry stores as well if you are wanting to purchase lapis stone jewelry as it is much harder to find in local stores.

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