Lip Rings

Lip rings are rings used for facial piercings and are typically located on either the top or bottom lip. The most popular type of lip rings is the ring style although other styles are also available including studs. If you are planning to purchase a lip ring, particularly if you are getting your lip pierced for the first time, you should choose a professional for the job to ensure that the piercing is done correctly. You should also note that the piercing will take some time to heal and requires proper cleaning and care throughout the healing process.

Having your lip pierced is much like having any other piercing. The professional should use sanitized equipment and sanitize the area to be pierced. The skin on the lip will need to be punctured with a sanitized hollow needle. Once the area has been pierced, a lip ring will be inserted and secured to keep it from shifting or falling out. There are many styles and designs of lip rings currently available and choosing the right one for you will highly depend on your personal preferences. Styles and designs include medusa, vertical designs, low-brets, labrets, Madonna and standard ring designs. Just as there are many design options available there are also several variations of each design that you may need to consider before you purchase your lip ring.

You will need to first determine the material that you want your ring to be created from. Safe piercing materials include platinum and gold as well as sterling silver. These are real metals and are typically much safer for piercings because they resist tarnishing. Plated metals can chip and cause infections so if you are planning to purchase a lip ring you should highly consider real metals. Once you have determined the actual metal you will need to choose your style. Again, there are a wide variety of styles available and different variations of each style. Take the time to look online or at your local jewelry store for the styles and designs that are available and choose the one that best suits your individual personality. You may find different designs use different accents such as gemstones and other components to give them a more unique look.

If you are unsure of having your lip pierced for the first time there are a variety of fake lip rings available that will allow you to enjoy the look of a lip ring without the piercing. Be certain that you check to ensure that the lip ring is actually a fake and not a pierced version. Fake lip rings vary in size, style and design as well so even if you are not planning to have your lip pierced, you will need to decide on the specific ring that you want. Choose on that includes a stud on the end for a more real look. The studs are typically very small, so small in fact that you can barely see them. This gives the illusion of a real pierced lip ring without the hole in your lip. Options vary for fake lip rings much like they do for real ones including a variety of metals and accents.

Simple fake lip rings contain a ring wire which looks much like the pierced version of the ring. Other styles include rings that are highly adorned and have a wider look with many details. If you like the bold look in your jewelry selection these are an excellent choice. Fake lip rings can be purchased in metals including real gold, sterling silver and platinum as well as plated versions. If however you want a quality lip ring, plated versions are likely not your best choice as they will eventually chip and peel. Sterling silver is the most popularly chosen metal for lip rings both real and fake and there are many design choices with this metal from various manufacturers. Take the time to look at different styles and designs before you ultimately choose your new lip ring to ensure that you get the style, size and design that you want.

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